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Confront the Mole – Fortnite Location



Hey everybody here and in this video we’ll be showing you how to complete the week 14 legendary quest to confront the mall. So what you’re gon na have to do is head to this location on the map, so that it’s gon na be right up here. As you can see by this, it’s gon na be at this location, and then you have to find the maven mpc, which i’ll show you where she is in this video and then you basically just have to go up to her and you’re either gon na have To eliminate her or say a few lines of dialogue which, again when i get there and just over 500 meters i’ll show you how to do that so maven or the mole is going to spawn inside this main building here normally towards like the middle level. But you’ll see once you get close, the like little dialogue, chat bubble is going to pop up, so you can see. That is where the mpc is so now all you’re gon na have to do is go up to this npc and confront them.


So you can see, there’s just gon na be some dialogue, you just click through it and you can see like so that all you have to do is confront them all. And then it looks like they’re gon na start fighting you, but you don’t have to eliminate them to complete the challenge. Unfortunately, or fortunately i should say, that’s not unfortunate, that’s a good thing. That’S all you have to do come to this location and talk to this npc here, but if you guys do have any more questions about this challenge, comment down below and i’ll do my best to get back to in that. Otherwise, though, that’s going to be for me for now – and i will see you all next time – see ya

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