Wassup guys, It’s Omniphere here. Welcome back to the third and last challenge location today to help you get 5 battlestars on your battlepass for that omega skin. We are going to be going over consume foraged items in this video. In fortnite, the only foragable items are apples and mushrooms. Apples give health and mushrooms will give you shields so this challenge is actually pretty easy to do since apples and mushrooms are everywhere and you pretty much always want them. That’s why instead of showing you guys where they all are which would take way too long. I’m going to show you the one place where you can easily forage 20 of them all at once in just about a minute. make sure you leave a like if this video helps you and also subscribe to be one of the first 100 thousand subscribers, you guys watching right now are the OG. Thank you to all my subscribers for making this happen. So as you can see in the gameplay, the location is wailing woods.

I’ve actually tested this a few times and I founnd that the north and east side has the most mushrooms. So that’s why I started at the north and went east. This place has so much shields, I tried counting them all but lost count after 40 and the storm also hit me so I couldn’t keep counting. So if you land here, you can get this challenge done very quickly in about just a minute. That’s about it, I’ll let you guys watch the whole thing so you know where to find the mushrooms exactly. Make sure to like and subscribe, I’ll see ya next time..

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