Craft a Hunter’s Cloak – Fortnite Challenge Guide


Hey everyone, it’s kanga here and this will beshowing you how to complete the challenge. Ofcrafting a hunter’s cloak, so first thingsalso make sure you have a weapon and thenif you will land somewhere around this area. Andyou keep your eye you’ll find some animals likefor example up there. I’M not sure if that’sa ball or a wolf there’s a pack of them. So itprobably is wolves.

You have to kill someanimals or wildlife and then doing that ohgod they’re chasing me doing that will getyou bones and meat and then your cpr, okay and then you’ll get meats and animal bones. Nowif you hold out the meat and then go into yourinventory press e for crafting and again selectthe meat. You can combine animal bones and meat toget the hunter’s cloak. So if i press craftthere, this is doing its crafting animationand. Then i complete the talent to craftthe hunter’s cloak, and now i’ve got thisi’m just clicking my inventory.

I then pressthat and then use it, and now what this allowsme to do is to sneak up on animals um in thebottom right. You can see it’s got a cool downof. I think that was just 10 seconds. Okay, so yeahso. Maybe it’s going to wear off after 10 secondsand.

You can only sneak up on animals that showa period of time, but yeah. That’S how you crafthunter’s cloak. If you guys have no questionsabout this challenge or anything else, rightinto this season of fortnite feel free to commentdown below and let me best get back to when thatif you found this video useful make sureto leave a like subscribe comment: shareall those things coming out massively you Cansupport me as a creator: that’s going to be goodkanga and the phone item shop, otherwise that’sit for me. For now and i’ll see you next time.

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