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Deface GHOST or SHADOW Posters *Shortest Location Guide* | Fortnite Season 2


What?s going on Guys?! I?m Drew and This is the Dreworks! Welcome back to the Channel! In this video, I?ll show you how you can Deface GHOST or SHADOW Posters in Fortnite Season 2! So Let?s get into it! To complete this challenge I landed in Weeping Woods, because here we will able to find all of the 3 posters! As you see we have already found our first poster on the wall of this building! The second one is not too far, because we can find it on this caravan.

Ohh? Okay, somebody has defaced this already, doesn?t matter, I?ll complete my challenge later. As the description of the challenge reveals, it doesn’t matter that the poster is Ghost or Shadow we’re defacing, the only point is that we have to deface at least 3 of them. The only reason, I chose these three Ghost posters because I think these are the closest to each other! Soon we will get to our third poster, which you will find on the wall of this wooden building! And with it we have completed another Deadpool?s challenge! I hope you found this video Helpful, and if you want to see more Fortnite challenge guide video in the future just like this, Make sure to leave a Like on this video, Subscribe to my channel and Ring the Bell! If you want to be part of my support team, you can do so now by entering the Dreworks creator code to your item shop! Thanks for Watching Buddies! And Just like Always! I was Drew and Catch you on the Next Video!

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