Destroy Crystal Trees – Fortnite Challenge Guide


Hey everyone, it’s kanga here and this will beshowing you how to complete the challenge ofdestroying crystal trees. Now what this means isthat! You have to destroy these purple lookingtrees here the ones that are made out of the samematerial of the crystals around the zero point. Onelocation, you can come to do this very, very quicklyis gon na be risky reels, which is here on the mapnorth of the zero point and west of clustercoliseum, as you can see from up here, there’s onecrucial tree over there and then two three fourand five down there. Also that one there that one’sa bit smaller, i suppose, that’s also technically acrystal tree and you’ve – also got another big onedown there, as well as one across the river therethree over there, one more back there and yeahyou only have to destroy fire for this challengeand.

In this general area, there’s an abundance ofthem. So, for example, you could go to this onehere first and let’s break this one like soso, that’s destroyed one crystal tree, then, if youjust make your way you just west across the riverhere, you can then break this one. For your secondcrystal tree and then you head on over to thesethree just north of here and it’s one two threemore crystal trees here, but that’s really allthis video is a pretty simple challenge. You justhave to know where the crystal trees actually areif. You guys have any more questions about thischallenge or anything else related to fortnitefeel free to comment that down below and i’lldo my best to get back to when that, if you foundthis video useful at all, make sure to leave alike, subscribe comment share all those thingshappen massively.

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