Do THIS To Drop 10+ Kills In Fortnite Season X! (Fortnite Season 10 Tips)


Hey what is going on guys, in this video today we’re gonna be covering how to get more kills, and specifically more high kill games in Fortnite season X. So, an interesting thing about this new season, is that I really believe it’s easier than it’s been in a while to get high kill games. Definitely way easier than it was in season 9, and maybe even easier than it was before then. And We’ll definitely get into why exactly thats the case a bit later in this video.

One thing I wanna make clear at the very beginning here, is that the term “high kill game” is actually pretty subjective, and varies from player to player. If you’re someone who consider anything over 6 or 7 kills a high kill game, that’s totally fine. If you’re a bit more advanced and shoot for 10+ kill games that’s really awesome too. And if you’re more of a top level player, maybe you’re gunning for those 20+ kill games. It’s important to understand and define what exactly your goal is, because you’re obviously going to wanna play totally differently if you’re going for 8-10 kills, then you would if you were going for 20+ kills.

However, the tips in this video will be able to help you no matter what amount of kills you’re trying to achieve. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it. Alright, so let me start this discussion off by expanding on what I mentioned earlier, which is that high kill games are much easier to get in season X, then they’ve been in the past. And before anyone makes the comment because I know at least one of you guys is thinking it, no that’s not because you can just get a mech at the beginning of the game and kill everything you see.

Well, actually you probably could do that, but that’s not what I meant. As I pointed out in my “How to win in Fortnite season X” video from a few days ago, probably the biggest non-mech gameplay change in the first update of the season, was the removal of so many mobility options. Glider re-deploy, quadcrashers, ballers, slipstreams, and skybases, which were all used very frequently in season 9, were suddenly gone in the blink of an eye. What this has done, is it’s predictably made the pace of play in Fortnite matches considerably slower, and also made the length of games considerably longer.

A good way that I usually measure this in a more quantitative matter, is by looking at the length of the files whenever I get a 20+ kill game that I plan on using in a video. For season 9, I would say the average length of those full game files were usually 16-18 minutes or so. For season X so far, although I’ll admit the sample size for the gameplays isn’t too huge yet, I believe I have about 5-7 so far, but the average length for those seem to be about 20-23 minutes, so a solid 4-5 minute increase compared to the previous season. This is really great when it comes to getting kills and high kill games, because it means that people are dying slower, and games are lasting longer, which obviously means more time for you to operate. Now what’s interesting about this, although it’s actually kinda obvious when you think about it, is that early game really isn’t effected at all.

Pretty much the same amount of people are dying in the same amount of time in the first 3-5 minutes of the game. But then after that, usually when there’s somewhere around 40 people left, that’s when it really slows down. I mean there are times where it’ll take a solid 5 minutes for it to go from 40 people alive to 30 people alive. In season 9 with the slipstreams, skybases, and other mobility options, going from 40 players to 30 players would usually take maybe 2 minutes tops.

So let’s bring this back to main topic of the video, and talk about how you can take advantage of that, to get more kills in general, and specifically more high kill games. So, in terms of the beginning of games, even though players die much slower towards the middle of the game, you still wanna get off to a good start by hot dropping. Especially if you’re someone going for those game more in the 10-15+ range, getting 4 or 5 kills before you leave your starting town will get you off to such a good start.

Now when it comes to picking a drop location in season x, you need to make sure it’s a spot with mobility nearby, and that’s more important than ever. To showcase this, I wanna show you guys a picture that highlights every major location of mobility on the Fortnite map at this very moment. The blue boards are obviously driftboards, the crystal-looking things are rifts, and the pink circles are the only 2 slipstreams that are still left on the map.

Looking at this map, I would generally avoid landing in towns like The Block or Fatal Fields, and even Salty has become a little less appealing to me now. These are all examples of landing spots that will actually be pretty populated on most occasions, but after those towns have been cleared out, you’re gonna really struggle rotating to your next area. In my opinion, the best landing spots to get a lot of kills so far in season X, and I expect this to mainly stay the same throughout the duration of the season, are pleasant park, dusty depot, and paradise palms. Pleasant is awesome because even though it’s towards the outskirts of the map, which is usually a huge problem in season x, there will almost always be at least 1 rift right outside the town where you saw it marked on the map.

And even if you get super unlucky and there isn’t a rift there, it’s not the end of the world because there are also driftboard spawns. But what makes landing pleasant even better, is the fact that you can take the pleasant rift, and use it to then go directly to the loot lake unlimited rift. That means you can get all the way from pleasant, to areas like dusty depot, salty springs, or factories without your feet even touching the ground. It’s pretty much the same thing with paradise, a super populated town with really good loot, that also has it’s own personal rift and driftboard spawns. After you leave your starting town, you basically want to stay in the middle of the map, until the storm literally pushes you out of that area. I’ll throw a quick image on the screen right now showcasing the area of the map that will pretty much always be the most populated in the middle of games.

Inside of that circle which encompasses only about 10% of the total map, you have salty, dusty, and factories, as well as the outskirts of mega mall, loot lake, and neo tilted, so I think it’s fairly obvious why this area is gonna be so full of people. Due to the lack of reliable mobility now, you don’t really ever wanna go too far away from this circle to chase individual kills. You could do that in season 9 because of slipstreams and skybases being everywhere, but now, it’s a much better play to just patrol the middle, wait for people to come to YOU, and preferably 3rd party any fights in the area as soon as you hear them.

Now as I briefly touched on in the intro, the way you wanna play middle-game fights, really depends how many kills you’re aiming for. If you’re a player that’s happy with maybe a 7-12 kill game, you can be a bit more selective and take things much slower in your middle-game fights, especially if you got a lot of kills in your starting town. On the flip side if you’re someone going for maybe a 15-20+ kill game, you really can’t afford to turn down any fights, unless you’re pretty much guaranteed to die.

I mean, if you have 5 kills and there’s 30 people left, for a 15 kill game you’d need to kill 33% of the remaining players that are alive, and for a 20 kill game that number would be 50%. That’s unlikely enough as it is, so really your only chance is gonna be to play super aggressive, and take literally every fight you see. Another thing you really want to pay attention to towards the middle and end of games, are mech spawns. After the initial 2-3 mech spawns at the beginning of the game, a few more will spawn towards the middle and end of the match.

Now obviously, due to how crazy these things are, people are going to go all out and totally risk their lives to get them. And since they’re marked on the minimap for everyone to see, it’s practically guaranteed that there will be a ton of player traffic in that area. So it’s definitely a good idea to position yourself as close to the mech spawns as possible, and maybe even camp them and use them as bait when unsuspecting players rush to get in them. And just as a quick note about mechs at the very end of this video, it really ins’t a smart idea to risk your life for one of them at the very beginning of games. So many people try the same thing, that if you get anything less than a perfect landing, your game is totally ruined. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment section below. I wanna know what your highest kill game in season x is so far, I believe mine is 25.

Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment, subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch you guys next time..

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