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Eliminate an attached Alien Parasite – Fortnite Location


Hey brutus kanga here and in this video i’ll, be showing you how to complete the week 14 epic quest to eliminate and attach alien parasite. Now, an easy way to do. This is going to be to actually just eliminating the alien parasite on top of wildlife, and you can see there is going to be one chicken down there. Unfortunately, this one didn’t spawn with the wildlife on its head, but there is normally a pretty high chance. It will, but anyway, where i recommend you land for this challenge.

It’S gon na be on top of this spider tower right here on the map north east of pleasant park, because where you can do, as you saw, there’s a weapon spawn down there, then there’s two chests up the top here, so you can get a few different Weapons to actually get rid of the um parasite with and then launch off of that and then fly around looking for wildlife. So again we have the chicken up there there’s a ball right here. It doesn’t look like it’s got a parasite on its head. Unfortunately, again, however, this chicken down here, as you can see, is going to have a parasite on its head. Now, when you sit down either chicken or a ball with the parasite on its head, just carefully aim and try and get the parasite.

So, as you can see there, we go the parasite off of it and that’s going to count as eliminating an attached alien parasite. That’S all you have to do. Go up there get some weapons and then fly around looking for either a chicken or a ball with one of the purple alien parasites attached to it. So that’s all you have to do if you guys do have any more questions about this challenge. Comment down below and let me best get back to when that.

Otherwise, though that’s it for me for now and i’ll see you next time see ya.

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