FIND DEADPOOL’S KATANAS *Shortest Location Guide* | Fortnite Season 2


What?s going on Guys?! I?m Drew and This is the Dreworks! Welcome back to the Channel! In this video, I will show you where you can ?Find Deadpool?s Katanas? in Fortnite Season 2! So, let?s get into it! As soon as you have completed all the 3 Deadpool weekly challenges, you will find the first Katana exactly right here in the Deadpool’s hideout! For the second one, let?s go back to the lobby and enter to the Upgrade Vault, where Maya can be found.

Here we will find the second Deadpool?s Katana immediately next to this big axe! I hope you found this video helpful, and if you do make sure to leave a Like on this video and Subscribe to my channel! And have a nice day! Thanks for Watching! I was Drew and Catch you on the Next Video!.

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