Find Golden Artifacts Near The Spire – Fortnite Challenge Guide


Hey everyone, it’s kanga here and in this videowe’re, showing you how to complete the challengefind golden artifacts near the spire, the spider, isthis new location right at the center of the mapand, where you should come first, is just aroundhere, so the top of the spy is up There and justdown here you can see that’s where the firstone is going to be so i’ll, just try and because obviously.

This is a new area, so i’m going to takeit a bit slow here, so everyone, okay, don’t sendthem those okay, they catch you on fire, but yeahthere’s new areas that not everyone’s going tobe familiar with, but the first one can be foundhere. Just behind this thing like so so there’sone, that’s the mpc that spawns here but thenafter that you want to come up these stairs hereand then, through this doorway to the right iswhere that one will be there’s two out of threegolden artifacts and then i believe you have Tohead upstairs: okay, if you come through this door and up around here this one’s gon na bea little bit harder to get to but againthis new location is a bit confusingi think there’s an npc right under meso the final artifact.

If you just come up thestairs here, that’s where i came through beforethrough that building down there, if you justmake your way upstairs on the right side or iguess, it’s the north side of the spire and thenin this little hut here right through that doorand, then that is Where the third golden artifactwill be, if you guys have any questions about thischallenge or anything else in fortnite, feel freeto comment down below. There’S a whole ton of stuffthat’s new this season and i’m gon na be doing mybest to make videos on everything that there isso um yeah keep an eye out for that.

If you’repicking anything up in the item shop, includingthe battle pass and you want to support meas a trader. That’S gon na be called kanga infront of item shop. Otherwise, so that’s it forme. For now – and i will see you next time – see

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