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Fortnite 2fa – How to Get 2FA in Fortnite – How to Enable 2FA in Fortnite ( Two Factor Authentication )


What a YouTube my name is: Jack Truong and in today’s video, I’m gon na show you how to enable 2fa on fortnite. So let’s get right into the video real quick. We are so close to Tata subscribe. If you guys would like to be part of the Jade royal family, make sure you subscribe and turn on the post modification, let’s get back to the video. Thank you so much for eleven thousand five hundred and twelve alright. So I think the best way to show you guys how to enable for night to F is just doing myself.

I did a video on how to disable it, so I’m gon na add that towards the end as well, so the best way to do is go under your search engine. For me, I’m using Google Chrome song I type in fortnight during the fortnight and see you always want to get the head link and you just go for this one and say the second link is WWF X, Gamescom, slash fortnight slash play now: click on that and Uh Gary sign in and sign in and learn for me, this is my account code. Jdf PNC there on the top right and click on account. It should show you general and after you want to do, is go to password security and scroll all the way down, and this is where you want to enable your email us, your indicator app.

So let’s go ahead and do that and basically they want a very cot, rarefied air, the code, so I’m gon na send it to your email, I’m gon na. Do that real, quick, I’m due on on another screen, see I can find it. Maple security code should be set and I’ll be back when it send it to me. Ah Shh, all right, I just got the email took about like a minute or less kind of patient, but also it’s recording. Okay, you don’t want you guys, wait too long. All right, so you basically get an email from Epis game that says your two-factor sign in college, and I will show you a cause similar to this right here. Right and I want to put in know the code six of 3/9 extreme. So, whatever the code, they give you six or three nine six, six, oh three, nine six three hit continue.

I can’t type that’s what c3 my bad continue! Email, dedication! Abel was next done in that space. Hey then later um, that’s, basically it and uh. I think I believe, when the first time you do it on the fortnight, you had download this into whatever, just where it is Authenticator, app and I’ll show you the code and you just match it when you log in that’s pretty much about it, and I want To show you another clip how to disable us disable us just in case if you want to try to get China by an iconic service, because I’ve been seeing a lot of people doing that as well. So I had video on that. I’M just gon na try find that video and put that clip towards the end of this all right, because you guys already know how to enable it, so it guys enjoy drop a like alright, alright. So before I start in this video – oh just wan na – let you guys know I’m gon na start putting links to instruction what I’m doing in the baby follow a list of description and I’ll put a link in their list of instructions. How to do this?

Video right, so what’s your what’s your new computer, you want to go to your search engine and you want I’ve been working all morning. Nothing you want to do this so go to WWII, happies games.com, and basically you want to sign into your account fine, I’m gon na deal, so I’m already sign in type it in your sign-in go show your username on top right. You want to go to your account, so you want to do the first thing. You’Ll see once you log this after you get into account your personal details, the general tab changes quite names for the first left I zoomed in. I will show you the other permits information, wait to lease the blur down all right. So now you want to scroll down on the left sides and the audience has raised you wan na go to password and security. All right, you wan na scroll all the way down all the way down.

Basically, you wan na see boy stickball Iman’s up and it’s gon na give you a warning. The seawall you move. The teacher will make your account lesson here. Are you sure you want right? So after you do that then been to cater app. If you want to Nabal it, you can. If you want to change your mind, get that app. You get the emails, but so I just disable it that’s pretty much. All you got ta do you’re welcome. If this video helps you guys, please drop a like subscribe and join the teacher on family. Like I say, yes got any questions, let me know all right. A quick update. You guys want to see anything new on the channel. Please let me know down in the comments. Alright, I’ve been trying to figure what I wanted to do on this channel. I was like oh, I know I want to create content. I want to help you guys, but if you guys have any other ideas, you guys want me to do.

Let me know cuz. I want to create content on how to YouTube kind of how to twitch stop messing around but um. I will also want to make content what what I enjoyed so like I mean I understand, like not all you guys gon na watch. All my content. Kids, like my analytics, shows me that not all you guys watching, but you guys do, watch some accompany it to get a spine it entertaining or useful. So I don’t want just to lock myself in one type of content like like. Just let’s say I thought I’m getting like burnout on for night. Like I don’t want to. You know just start a new channel just because I can’t make concept before tonight. Cuz I Borden, I might die one day and I don’t want that’s the only thing. That’S making my channel blow up, you know it’s so like I don’t want to just get tied up into one type of content so like if you enjoyed the video just. Let me know that I enjoyed the video I’ll make more content, but uh. Thank you for being part of this journey with me. I appreciate that anything else.

On the same, it’s pretty crazy that I got like 500 subs in last week. So, thank you for that purchase in down in the description that the eggs would like to purchase some JTF merch. We got. One item sell part of it. Oh, hopefully come out some more broken, my ankle. It’S not my income, my toe, I’m healing right now with ice. Hopefully it feels better. I can’t really much weight on my toe right now on my left. Oh I’m kind of getting sad because I I’m not working out and I’m still even the same amount of food like I feel like I’m about to gain all that weight. Cuz I’m eating, like I’m still working out, I’m not working out so like I’m gaining all these calories. I’M not burning it. So like sOooo, sad about that, but uh.

Hopefully you soon give it like, hopefully like this this weekend. Maybe it’s been like three days so far. Hopefully it heals by Monday, I hope more contents gon na come out. I actually want to create videos on how to make money or show you guys how much I made for this month. Let me know he has one watch that kind of video cuz you guys as the viewers should. Let me know what kind of content guess what I watch right, but uh be enjoying it. So hard YouTube’s been doing really good for this channel already. Do you appreciate it now, I’m I’m going thank you for watching this video. Once again, it gets like to support me in a four-night kind of shop use code JTF down here this three letter, j t yeah. Thank you very much. Take care rub it. Okay, bye, bye,

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