Fortnite Beginners Guide to Fighting By: yenterhooks


How to Fight

Use this only when VOD reviewing or developing strats. You don’t want analysis-paralysis in real game.

Variable Awareness

You get information from two places: your HUD and the audiovisuals from the real game.

  • HUD
    • Map
      • Time
      • Zone
      • Players
      • Your Position
      • Points
    • Vitals
      • SS Damage
      • Health
      • Mats
      • Ammo
    • Active Slot
    • Items
  • Audiovisual
    • Spatial Variables
      • Terrain & Non Player Built Structures
      • Build Ownership
      • Build Health
    • Team & Enemy Variables (all of the above, but for them instead of you)


Fighting is about reacting optimally to changes in variables.

  • [All] Do you have a variable advantage?
    • Most fights start with creating a health advantage with a beam or making a play. There can also be an advantage if you are in zone and they aren’t, if you’re on a hill and they’re below, you have good loot and they don’t, etc.
    • Skill difference is also counts. (first game, or open round in tournament)
  • [Position] Which cube are they in?
    • In a building grid you can effectively piece control people in a 3x3x3 space if you are in the center cube. This means you need to develop 26 different piece control strategies for each possible cube your opponent could be in (all come in the form of placing an initial piece that allows you to fully box them, restricting their movement. For each of the 26 positions, experiment to find out what pieces you need to place in what order to maximize the chance you get them first, safely and without losing movement speed).
  • [Position] Where are they standing? What direction are they moving?
    • Their position and movement determines what edit you should make, where you should stand, and what movement (strafing, jumping, crouch-uncrouch, edit reset) can peek them without taking damage.
  • [Active Slot] What item have out? What will they do?
    • It is easy to play absolutely safe: algorithmically executing the optimal strats based on the two positioning questions.
    • However, if you can read opponent well and capitalize on a variable advantage, you can use shortcuts reduce your time to kill without playing perfectly “safe”. The simplest example is exploiting in a box with a massive health advantage. Pro-tier gameplay is full of the more complicated examples of this that come with sheer fighting experience.

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