Fortnite Build guides for NOOBS!


Hey, what’s up guys today, i’ll be showing quick building tips for fortnight beginner players fortnight has taken the world by storm by introducing the newest iOS platform for this game, and this game is played quite extensively. Building structures is a key aspect of this game and you cannot expect to win this game without building fast. I mean really fast, [, Music ]. So if you’re someone new to starting off this game, you would need some hands-on practice building stuff before you can get in the back loop and dominate your opponent’s.

Now before we proceed, let’s focus on keybinds, because if you have a clunky key bind, you would have a hard time even building a simple wall or ramp. I have a quick video of ninja explaining his key bindings and I don’t think there is any other person better in this world to explain what an awesome key bind looks like. I should talk /my push to mute for discord, these two buttons right above it right here boom this one in this one, this one’s my ramp, this one’s my wall, ramp wall, ramp, wall, ramp wall and then some mouse wheel. You I could click the mouse wheel, not down. I click and I side click it to the left. That’S my so taking inspiration from ninja. Let’S quickly jump on to a quick solo battle and my favorite location would be bailing woods because there’s a lot of trees over there and we can farm on trees to get a lot of wood.

We can help us build and practice building effectively. Also, there is not much player around so you know you won’t have to worry about getting killed, now, start farming and collect enough wood around three to four hundred wood, so that you can go ahead and practice building effectively make sure you have your key binds accordingly. As per the Ninja’s video, it’s very highly recommended that you have a mouse with button side buttons, because side buttons will help you to quick, build with instantly when someone shoots at you.

So these are some key points that I have for my mouse well set. As per the ninja video previously so to begin practicing, you can just start spamming some walls, because that’s what you’re going to be using every time, someone shoots at you so spamming walls is very important. Next would be ramp, so the secondary side thumb button should be set to a ramp which will help you to climb on different obstacles. I use middle mouse button as the flat platform, so in situations and fight situations, when I want to build a flat platform, I use the middle mouse button and this is a very good place to spam. Your builds because if you just jump into a fight without having a good practice on building, it will be very easy for you to get killed. Wailing Woods is the best place to practice your keybinds, because you’d hardly find any players fighting in this area.

Most of the players would love to land in town sites like Tilted To=owers and have a fight over there, but you know if you’re still just beginning out Wailing. Woods is awesome because you won’t find anyone bothering you killing you. While you practice your Builds. There are hardly any loot boxes near this area and hardly any people, so this is the best place to Build and practice your builds and farm on wood as much as you like, and if you like this video, please do subscribe to our Channel and we hope To see you guys once again, bye