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Fortnite Disarm Gnomes Secret Challenge | All Gnome Locations Traps


Hey everyone it’s DrogonX and don’t forget to drop that LIKE down below and hit that SUBSCRIBE button if you are new to my channel. I’m gonna help you out with a secret challenge that has come out recently and it’s to do with the gnomes again so there’s a couple of stages to this secret challenge but it’s going to give you some more XP so that’s going to help you level up faster, and the first place we are heading to is ghost house so this is just east of weeping woods and we are gonna go searching for a gnome and this is gonna unlock the first bit of this secret challenge.

Also guys don’t forget i do monthly giveaways so if you do want to enter my september giveaway make sure you click the linked video above and enter your Epic ID in the comments section of that video and you’ve got to make sure you are subscribed to my channel with notifications turned on. So what you want to do is head into the house so i’m going to go in through this door here and if you head in through this door and down the stairs you can see this little vent and if you head in here you can see you unlock The Lair where there is this gnome and there’s slurp all around him and a map and this is all the start of a secret challenge.

There is someone else here so i’m just going to quickly see if i can surprise them because this is not a portal this is just somewhere you can hide oh got him okay so this is the first stage of the secret challenge complete and it’s going to give you 20 000 XP. Okay next up we’ve got to disarm some traps that the gnomes have laid out so there are five of them and this first one i’m gonna head to is in holly hedges where i’ve marked so you want to just make your way there from the battle bus and i am getting closer to the area i’ve marked so you basically want to head for around the middle area but towards the right and you’re looking for these two cheeky gnomes over here who have basically put a trap on this slurp and you can disarm that and then you can see it comes up with one out of five completed for the traps.

So there’s four more to find i’m going to show you where you can find those so next up i am looking at misty meadows which is here to the south and you want to make your way to the bridge which i’ve marked over here and basically underneath it you’re going to find another lot of gnomes with a trap that you need to disarm so this is going to be our second trap that we disarm. The third trap i’m looking for is to the north of craggy cliffs i’ve just marked the building right to the north which is by the beach and you can see it here as i get closer. Again you want to head under this building to find the gnomes and their trap so i’m just heading where the beach is and we should be able to see the gnomes somewhere around here let’s head in here first and there they are so again there is a trap on the slurp and i can disarm that one. And the fourth trap i’m gonna disarm is over here in steamy stack so i’ve marked the north cooling tower and that’s where you basically want to head to, you want to head to the bottom of the cooling tower and somewhere around here you will find another gnome with a trap so here they are and so you can disarm this fourth trap.

And the final trap that i’m gonna disarm is over here in sweaty sands so you’re looking towards the right of sweaty sands at the building that i’ve marked and as i get closer you’ll see there is a gnome somewhere around here, so completing all of these trap challenges is only going to give you another 20 000 XP which isn’t a huge amount but it is going to help you level up your battle pass.

If you head for this corner of this building you can see the gnomes here and you can disarm that final trap and there you go you’ve completed the second part of this secret challenge!.

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