Fortnite How To Defeat All Of The Dungeon Bosses By: ZamnPlayerD



It’s that time again! Dungeons are back in Save The World, and while I see plenty of guides for viable builds, there isn’t a whole lot of tips out there for killing the bosses. Well, that’s fair, because all of them are recycled from Mist Monsters anyway, but I hope this guide can help you if you are having a hard time with any of them.

Crypt Boss: Vlad

Vlad is a Taker, obviously. That means he can fly and has a nasty divebomb attack. Building walls will only make him stop long enough to phase through, but if you time it right, building a wall can stop his divebomb. What sets Vlad apart from other Takers is not just the fact that he has a vampiric buff that allows him to regain health from doing damage to you, but the fact that depleting his health to 50% will cause him to disappear for a full minute and you have to survive against a swarm of zappers and lobbers. For whatever reason, he seems to have high damage resistance during the first 10 seconds of the fight when he returns, so maybe hold it with the minigun until he starts taking normal damage.

Inferno Boss: Singe

This guy. This guy is my pick for one of the most annoying of the whole bunch. He’s a Fire Smasher, meaning he has truckloads of HP, but water-based weapons if you find them can deal good damage to him. Avoid the Vacuum Tube Weapons or anything else with The Nature Element, those won’t do very well against him. Try to avoid the lower parts of the arena as much as possible, because they will be flooded by rising lava as the fight drags on. Oh, don’t forget player builds take damage in The Inferno, so you can’t really cheese him with build or trap spamming.

Grotto Boss: Sog, Flood, Surge, and Murk

Stock. Up. On. Mats. These four guys are blasters, and building cover will be the only way you and your team won’t get mowed down by their lasers when fighting them. What will follow is a war of attrition, as you dodge behind cover between shooting at them to avoid getting shot down yourself. Try to focus on one of them, logic dictates that the less blaster laser barrages you have to avoid, the easier it will be to deal with the rest of them. Vacuum Tube or any weapon with Nature will rule the day due to all four of them having the water element.

Labyrinth Boss: The Pusher

This Smasher is a pushover (pun intended,) because of one, very fatal flaw in his arena…. It’s lined with Teleportation Traps. You can bait this thing into a charge, before dipping into one of those traps and teleporting somewhere else. Utilizing this as often as possible can prevent you or your group from being cornered in an otherwise cramped arena. Just make sure to stay as close as possible to the guy with the talisman.

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