Fortnite How to Speedrun Dungeons (in a squad) for fast Candy Ticket Farming By: Throwaway1312lsl


Guide to speedrunning dungeons (in a squad) for fast candy ticket farming

Hi everyone! Recently I’ve been doing a lot of dungeons speedrunning in a squad of friends (sometimes duo, or trio) in order to farm candy tickets quickly, and just wanted to share some tips/tricks we’ve learned along the way. Using this method, we’re usually able to get around 2000-3000 tickets per hour of dungeons gameplay (including the loading in/out, results screen, etc). Each run also gives you gold, XP, and evo mats/perk-up on top of the tickets.

1. Destroy 100 urns during each run

The repeatable “Urn your Keep” quests rewards you with 100 tickets. So by completing this challenge each run, you are rewarded with 100 extra tickets on top of the tickets you earn from completing 1 dungeon run.

While it is possible to pickaxe/shoot at urns to destroy them, we’ve found that the fastest way to destroy urns quickly is to use Carbide’s Lefty/Righty ability (Zip zap/space pistols). If you don’t have carbide, using a going commando loadout (eg. Commando spitfire) can also destroy urns quickly by minigunning the urns.

2. Alternate between Grotto and Labyrinth (can substitute Inferno instead of Labyrinth)

The repeatable “Exorcism by Elimination” challenge (kill 5 dungeon minibosses) rewards you with 150 tickets. Grotto has 4 minibosses, and Labyrinth has 1 miniboss, soby alternating between Grotto/Labyrinth each run, you can kill 5 minibosses every 2 dungeon runs.

It is possible to also run Inferno instead of Labyrinth. Our squad runs labyrinth because we find it easier to hit 100 urns in labyrinth than in inferno, and also like the spawn RNG better in labyrinth.

Note: everyone one the team needs to hit every miniboss in grotto at least once for the quest to count.

3. At least one person needs to be familiar with the shadow key spawns and how to find the dungeon doors.

The person that knows how to find the shadow key/doors the best will serve as the “runner” role in the dungeon…(see directly below)

4. Loadouts and Team Roles

Flash AC (Runner Role) – get the shadow key and run to the door (should be the person that knows the shadow key spawns and dungeon layout the best)

  • note: Flash AC is currently recruitable from the collection book by flux. However, if you don’t want to use Flash AC, you can always use Recon Scout Eagle Eye (base game) or Phase Scout Jess in command (fluxable).

Commando Spitfire/Going Commando (Monoliths Role) – the main role of the going commando role is to destroy monoliths and to pick up the husk key.

Carbide (Monoliths and Urn Role) – use Lefty/Righty ability to destroy monoliths and urns. Also when ability is on cool down, the carbide can follow the going commando person to pick up the husk key, or can pickaxe urns to help with the “urn your keep” challenge

See the pictures posted in the OP for the full loadouts we use. (alternatively, check them out here:

Currently we’re running 1 Flash, 2 Carbides, and 1 Spitfire. We’ve also run squads with 1 Flash, 2 Spitfires, and 1 Carbide. If no one in the squad has carbide, 3 spitfires (or other going commando heroes like Diecast, Ted, etc) will also work.

If you don’t have a squad to run dungeons with, these tips will also work for solo, duos, trios, or in pubs (just will take a little longer).

Also, if you’re interested in running a few dungeons and don’t have a squad (or if you need help with dungeons quests like the 140 dungeons, timed challenges, etc ), comment down below and my squadmates and I might be down to run a few dungeons with people if we are all on at the time.

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