Fortnite Msk Guide By: BabyFaceKyle


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Before destroying the 5th Crystal everyone should be focusing the Mini Boss and prepare for the Horn Phase

One crystal at the time will randomly appear at the following locations : Left Rib, Left Arm, Right Rib, Right Arm, Chest, Back

Do not destroy the 5th Crystal when 2 or more members are down


Usually spawn within 1 minute after killing the previous one.

Only one Mini Boss can be present at a time.

During this phase one player should be focusing on the Crystal


During the encounter you will have to destroy the horn twice. In both of the cases the Storm King will randomly fall and expose the horn. The first time it happens it will be 4 tiles up, the second time 3 tiles up.

Each time you destroy 5 Crystals the horn phase begins. If you kill the Mini Boss before this phase starts the mini boss won’t spawn.

Usually you have to kill 2-3 Mini Bosses between the Horn phases

If you fail to destroy the Horn the Storm will close, resulting in Defeat.

Each player should build their own structures towards the Horn and avoid editing or building over another player


Make sure all the Ninja players use Kunai Storm and the Soldier the War Cry if available. You should be keeping the Hover Turrets strictly for the final phase.


As long the Mini Boss is out on the field, the Storm will close in on you till the point everyone is dead.

Each time you kill a Mini Boss, the Storm will be pushed back.


The water is poisoned and will keep damaging you while you stand in it


The Storm King will randomly choose a player on the map and will channel a blowing beam which will destroy any structures and kill any players in its path.

Tip : Avoid standing close to each other


Storm King will summon multiple meteors that will fall across the map damaging nearby structures and players

Tip : Building a roof above you will keep you safe


The Storm King will throw a giant stone which will deal significant amount of damage to players and structures

Tip : Building a roof above you will keep you safe


The Storm King will perform a destructive shout which will destroy all player structures on the map


Communication is crucial to succeed with the run, make sure you are informing your teammates about the Beam, Mini Boss spawns or the Crystal position

You should also call the number of destroyed Crystals


When it comes to Ninja players the building aspect is straight forward and much easier than it is for Soldier, because lack of the double jump.

In both cases you avoid building stairs on the ground level, because it will allow the husks to path to you.

Pre Build your structures in the cave, use the arches and ramps.

Avoid over building, each game can consume above 3000 resources if placed wrongly.

You should never stand on the ground

Build at least 1-2 tiles up to prevent the small husks jumping on you

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