Fortnite Storm Challenges – AWAKENING Challenges | Unlock Storm and Storms Gale Force Emote Fortnite


Hi everyone it’s DrogonX and in this video today, i’m going to show you how you can unlock this emote for storm in the fortnite storm challenges. So this is her emote. It’S called gale force and you’ve got to have unlocked storm and be at a certain level to get this emote and obviously you need to have the battle pass so just quickly to show you.

You do unlock storm at level 53 and then you’ll get her hand of lightning harvesting tool. A couple of levels later and you’ll also get her gathering storm glider, which i think is pretty cool at level 57. But actually, you’ve got to wait until level 60 and that’s when you can do her storm awakening challenges to get this built in gale force emote. So i’m going to show you what you need to do to complete these awakening challenges and how you can unlock the gale force emote. So this is the first stage and what you need to do is visit the weather station as storm.

So this is where the weather station is it’s in the south east of the island just in the corner of this snowy area here so just make sure you are dressed as storm and then make your way to that weather station and don’t forget guys drop that, Like down below and subscribe to my channel Okay, so you can see that snowy mountain in front of me and you can see this collection of buildings just ahead of me now. You basically want to land anywhere around these buildings and it’s going to register as you visiting the weather station as storm. So that is a really easy. First bit of the awakening challenge to complete

And then the second stage of the storm awakening challenges is to ride the steamy stacks in the storm dressed as storm. So obviously you know the steamy stacks are in the top right corner of the map and you’ve got to make your way there and then basically wait for the storm and hopefully steamy stacks won’t actually be in the first storm circle. So you’ll get the storm coming through steamy stacks, as you wait there and you can see i’m waiting for the storm to close in at the minute up at the top of the steamy stack, i’m actually not that far off the main circle.

You can see the storm is coming in from the map and actually i’m only a little bit away from where the storm storm’s gon na end. But you can see the storm is about to arrive at the steamy stack. So once i’m in the storm, i just need to jump on top of the steamy stack and open my glider. So i am now in the storm and all i need to do is jump on top of this steamy stack and i’m gon na open. My glider and it has registered as riding the steamy stack as storm in the storm, so a pretty easy challenge to do, and that is stage two of three completed and the final stage of the storm awakening challenges is to emote a storm at the center of The eye of the storm, so this one is a little bit trickier because you do have to wait a while you’re not going to get your first storm circle until a couple of minutes in so what i did for this final challenge is to land and grab A chopper and then i’m just waiting for that first circle to form – and it’s just formed now and actually i’m quite close to the center of the storm.

So you want to work out roughly where the middle of this circle is and if you look on the map again, it’s around the area that i’m actually hovering in now pretty much here. So i’m gon na land, the chopper, where i think the middle of this circle is – and you can see there – is this purple beam which is showing you where the eye of the storm is. So this is the center of the eye of the storm and once you’re at this symbol, so you can see, there’s a lightning symbol there. You can then do the emote and you’ve unlocked it for storm. So that is the end of the fortnite storm challenges which you can complete at any point after you reach level 60.

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