Fortnite STW – Beginers guide 10 Tips


Hi, ladies and gentlemen, my name is mibs andwelcome to this video guide. I have got 10 tipsfor, the beginners who, just starting with save theworld, you don’t know which way to go. There are 10help advice or tips for you, let’s get on withthem, so number one. If you just started to playsave the world, of course, you probably realizethat it does have a story thumbs up well, donei recommend you to complete the stonewall story. Umprobably, first before you do anything else, it isquite important because the stonewood is is yourfirst area and it’s like a tutorial to the gameyou unlock your survivors.

You unlock yourdefenders your slots in armor in your stormshield defense and much more and more and more uhyou know unlucky. It’S a little bit like a tutorialtry. Please completely. If you can iwould really recommend it number twoget yourself out under. If you just started thegame, i will recommend to get yourself out anda hero.

Even if it’s a blue one, you know the rareone or epic doesn’t really matter the games givesyou a couple of them at the beginning, but thishero is really good for to beginning the gameto farm, really easy to find the materials we didyou just get it because you’re Gon na need somefor your storm shield, defenses, especiallyat, the beginning and other stuff, so pleasetry to get yourself a outlander hero evenif. It’S not full of farming, only specialjust for the um. You know the anti-materialcharge and to use your teddies as a specialuh special extra damage. For your uh foryour missions is really really good. Helpnumber three survivors.

As soon as you unlock thepossibility of upgrading your survivors or usingthem, please focus on them. I mean really focuson getting resources like a pure drop of raineye, of the storm light in the bottle to upgradeyour survivors, because if you’re upgrading yoursurvivors your power level is going up, your powerlevel is going up. You’Re gon na do bigger damagenot just with your abilities, but with your weaponsas well any kind of weapons you use. It depends. Onwhat is your power level and depends on the damageso higher power level.

Higher damage number fourthree weapons use please three different weaponsin each slot. You can carry three different weaponsin, your in your quick slot in ui, you see in thebottom right corner, but what i mean is like anassault rifle in the first slot, an smg in thesecond merely in the third one or some sort, ofrocket launcher in the third one And so youcan swap them around and use different typeof weapons um. Why? Because they use different ammoso you’re, not gon na use. Just your one weapon, andyou’re gon na deplete your ammo and you’re gonnahave to craft that one ammo, while the other smgthe small small bullets.

You know they’regonna just sit there and you’re just gonnapile them up and then you’re, not gon na haveenough space they’re, just gon na drop them downso. Instead of that have three different weaponswith three different ammo types. I use themnumber five recycle your low-level weaponsas, you go in the game. You’Re gon na get uhweapons all sort of types, melees ofcourse, even traps and everything elserecycle the low level ones. So you see which one isyour high power level.

You can see it in the corneras that show you. What is the power level of theweapon use the highest one use the highest oneand, you don’t need anymore. Just probably three orfour types of weapon arrest can be recycled. Samewith. The traps right use the highest power leveltraps.

If you need them for a mission, but you willnot need them, trust me: you will not need them. Inthe missions. You will rather save them for yourstorm shield defense, but the low-level ones youcan, recycle them. So you get some materials and youcan use them for the weapons which you can craftbecause. There’S gon na be always more powerful number.

Six, while we add the weapons, uh, loot, theboxes, please loot the crates, loot, the herbs, theflowers, the flower pots, the shelves, their housesthe bases, the grounds, the minecarts anything andeverything. What is lootable, please loot, especiallythe ammo boxes. If you’re using three differenttypes of weapons, you will need three differenttypes of ammo, but if you lose the ammo cratesor ammo boxes on the floor, you will not run outof ammo and at the beginning of the game, it helpsyou a lot because whenever you are starting in Thegame or you already advanced in the game, you stillneed the same amount of same other resourcesto craft, your ammo, and this will help youa lot number seven. You can stock up mats into yourstorm shield storage right. So if you are in theworld and you full of mats of wood, a thousand atthe beginning, is your max limit, as you can see, ihave five towns in the moment on the screen.

Butthousand is your limit of wood, metal and brickif. You reach the limit and you have nowhere touse it pop them into your storm shield, defensestack them up there, because you’re gon na need alot of especially bricks and metal on your journeyespecially in your storm shield, defenses soyou’re, not gon na. Oh, my god. I need another twothree thousand or i just have three thousand andi need. Ten thousand, i need to know – oh my god, farmso from the beginning of the game.

Youcan actually farm this up. As you go number eight resource farming with the resourceswe mean pure drop of rain. Light in a bottle, eyeof the storm and shards um – these are quite trickyto, get to them. As you can see on the screen, i haveto go through quite a few pages to actually finda mission you to show which ones are the best tofarm and you have just one page, which is the stoneat the beginning. You can’t do anything else.

Umif, you don’t have a certain resource on one daythen, you can wait, it is resetting every 24 hoursso. Your mission and mission rewards are resettingevery 24 hours and you can see when you click onthe mission. You get one which is, you can getjust once and then underneath it you’re gonnaget it for repeating the mission um. If i am wantto advise you focus on the missions with for thegroup one for group missions. Sorry focus on thegroup missions.

Those are the group missions. Youcan see the four like a skinny people marks onthe map. Those are the group missions, those givesyou the most resources, the most on becausethey are multiplying by four right sometimesmultiplying by three at the beginning, with thestonewood, but later on. You’Re gon na have multimultiply of four and even 160 missions, which arewell advanced there are five times of. Resourcesi would really focus on these one, because, if evenif, you repeat them, they’re still gon na give youthree times or four times more resources, ifyou farm them and to upgrade your survivorsand, your heroes and your weapons.

Schematics andyour trap, schematics and literally any type ofschematic in the mealy ones as well. You’Re gonnaneed resources and you’re gon na need a ton of themyou’re gon na need loads of pure job of rain. Andloads of these uh eye on the storm and everythingelse. Please focus on them because they’re gonnabe sucked down from you like, never before surviveorchestra, of course, a survivor, um experience, yeahhere experience, you won’t need but survivor andthe resources, but resources are most importantnumber. Nine use defenders for your missionsoften forgotten by useful help.

Our defendersyou can use them on your storm shield defenseespecially, as well as in your missions. Theonly schematic you need is the defender postwhich in the game. You will unlock all right, youwill unlock them. If you furnish the stonewoodmission or storyline sorry stonewood, storylineso um, you can get the defenders the same way. Asyou get the survivors from the missions or fromthe llamas, but i recommend you for the missionssome of the missions.

Do have actuallydefenders and some of the missions haveas a reward survivors as well as heroes as well asschematics, as well as everything else guys. You canget absolutely everything from the missions. Peelyour eyes check it every day, because quite oftenwe have free llamas right. Quite often we havefree llamas, you don’t need to spend any few bucksno need to spend any v-bucks on the llamasquite. Often they are for free check it out, and the final number 10 send your hero toexpeditions after you unlock the expeditionsyou can send your heroes or hero to expeditionsthese expeditions.

Take a long time. I meanhours all right what you’re gonnado you. Okay, i have enough todaymy. Mom is calling for my lunch. I have to finishor i’m going to bed or i’m going to school.

Oryou played a couple of hours before school. Buti didn’t, but let’s say before bedtime. What youdo you send your heroes. What you have availableto get some resources, some would at the beginningbut. You can see you get to get some traps.

Gotsome mats, some uh, sometimes even resourcesso, really worth to send your heroes for theseum expedition and you get used to it all rightso you get used to it before you’re loggingout, every single time you send your heroes, tothese expeditions and by the time you come backin the Morning or after school, your hero, isgoing, to be back with a ton of resources, reallyreally really quite really good stuff. This farmi still until this day, keep forgetting about iti still keep forgetting, but they are very usefuland, that’s about it for the guys. Ladies andgentlemen. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you. Hopefullyyou actually get something from these 10 pointshopefully. They helped you and if they did pleasedon’t forget to leave a like subscribe on thechannel that will be well appreciated. I willbring some more of these tips in the future thisis, my first one. So, yes, i’m quite glad i was ableto put this one together, but actually i scriptedthe half of it so yay, i’m quite happy with thatone.

So thank you again and i will hopefullysee you next time and until that bye bye, you

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