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Fortnite Tips and Tricks to Make you a Better Battle Royale Player in 2018


So what I want this fortnite 2018 guide to be able to do is get you guys into the top 10 much more often and show you how to get massive advantages on your enemies when you’re fiting, because a lot of the time when you’re in game, you Know things are moving fast, it’s hard to think about a lot of things and what this will do. It won’t just show you the tips on what you should be doing in game. It’Ll also show you the stuff what to do in the lobby as well, and what you should be doing to practice and increase your game even while you’re not actually playing. So, let’s get on with the guide jump in game and see what we can do to get the edge over everyone else.

Okay, so let’s get started with tip number one then tip number one is to calibrate. What you want to do is go into settings. Go to game and found mouse sensitivity which is here, and that wants to be anywhere between not point to and not point three depending on how you feel about it. When you get on, there now find an object in the distance if you’re on a PC using mouse and keyboard, it wants to be one mouse swipe to the side, and that wants to be able to spin you all the way around back to your starting location.

If you’re on a controller you’re on console, then it wants to take about one second. So you step to time that in your head and just find an object in the distance spin around like I’m doing here and just make sure that you can spin around and what that I’ll do is when you’re in a fire you’ll find that you’ll have the Edge because the default settings are really sluggish and slow. So if you’re setting your mouse sensitivity, really low you’ll tend to find that you get the edge when it comes to the fire in the battles and if you’re running along, you need to turn around really quickly or you need to react to something faster. You’Re going to have much quicker reaction times so tip number one always always always make sure that you’re calibrated, so fortnite tip number two is aim training. You should always always be aim training when you in the lobby go and find a gn.

I mean if you can’t find a gn. You can do this with the pickaxe, but you can see here I’m taking long shots at this guy as a moving target in the distance, a really hard shot to make. So I’m practicing there and not the guy runs, and you can see there from the RAI and what I’d do I practice switching targets? Then I move on to him. So it’s one of those things put yourself into real scenarios, find things that could really happen in game and start using them, I’m not particularly great with pistols. So you find a gn that you weak with and then what I do here, I’ll put myself in a real scenario were jumping around these containers. He starts firing back, which is actually great for me, because it’s more practice and what I can do is practice jump shots jumping around and trying to empty the actual pistol into him so that I’ve got the edge when I get to in game now.

If you’ve got a friend with you, that’s even better, because we around these containers now and we’re practicing like jump, shots were practicing positioning and you can see. They’Re landed shot there and it’s just one of those things where you can give yourself an edge and you’re doing this all the time you become really comfortable in-game and it stops you from panicking. We’Ve all got to them points in game where it’s like, oh god, and it all starts when it’s all kicking off and what’s actually great is if you get comfortable doing it here, then it actually helps this scenario. Right now you watch it is in-game. So the position in there I see them go around the caravan and know the aim trillion that they’re gon na backtrack and then I get the edge on them.

Take them out there and I get a beautiful blue there to clip me on to the rest of the game. So fortnite tip number three is to gather: make sure that you’re prioritizing what you gather as well, so always have materials ready and waiting. Now, at first very early on, you can just get a few trees in case you need to knock up a quick set of steps or anything like that. I’Ll get some stairs ready in case you get into that one-on-one fire early on. However, ultimately, you want to be prioritizing stone. If you got the time and you’ve got the downtime get metaled. You know, obviously that’s the strongest structure, but I would always say stone it’s quick together and it just produces enough of a shield enough protection to get the edge most people are gon na, have lots and lots of wood in the backpack and they’re gon na be Using that, as you can see here more, this is a 50 versus 50 battle, Nilla everyone’s making these stairs that we’ve made these giant crazy structures out of wood. Now, when people run out, I’ve still got materials left, because I’ve been gathering a lot on this one. I still got 65 left in my backpack and this this section that I’m making is made out of stone which is going to make his last a lot lot longer and he’s going to be better and I’ve even got some left to put up some walls here.

For protection so that we can actually get an edge on our enemy, which we did go on to win that one so for tonight, tip number four is make sure you drink potions straight away. It gives you a huge edge against someone. That’S not got a potion on there and if you get into a fire fire, even one-on-one or you get caught out, this can be a massive lifesaver and a huge advantage to you. So as long as you save Jen, as long as you know, in a direct fire drink, the potion so fortnite tip five and six have rolled into one tip. Number five is to closed doors behind you and cover your tracks and fought an active number. Six is to set traps, so, as you can see here, I drop into a house and what I’m doing, I close the doors behind me a lot of the time. The only way someone knows that you’re in there is because you’ve left doors open or you’ve hit through walls.

You know how many times, if you approach the house – and you know someone’s in there, but it’s because the doors are open and there’s a wall part missing. So what I’m doing I’m making sure that the doors behind me a closed so that I get the drop on people if I’m walking around the house now? What I hear upstairs is you can see as I get to these stairs and here’s somebody drop them to the house and they start knocking things down upstairs so now. I know that they’re there, so I crouched down to minimize the noise that I’m putting out there.

Now you can see, there’s a trap there in the far corner of the downstairs room. So while he’s making all that noise upstairs, I make sure that I stay low. I go and get the trap and I set it at the bottom of the stairs. So he still has no eye, I’m in the house right now, because I’ve closed all the doors behind me. So what I do, then I crouch back down. I get into a corner, so he can’t get me through the window and all I’ve got to do now. Is just wait for a few seconds he’s making a lot of noise he’s rushing around the house because he thinks no one’s there he’s not being cautious he’s not waiting on the stairs and you can see there. The trap takes him out and I get the so. I get a medkit and another beautiful blue, so closed doors and make sure you use your traps inside houses for tonight. Tip number seven is to make sure you pick up amo crates a lot of the time I see places that have been looted. Do you know, but what happens is they’ve left their amo behind because they don’t think that they need it?

They go for the chest. They go to pick up the wpn and they don’t pick up the amo. So, as you can see here, I know that there’s a guy who’s been here, I’ve seen him leave and he’s left the amo crate. You can see there on the corner, there’s a chest there that he’s left so he’s open the chest and he’s left all this amo. No, I have not got a gn at this point, but I know that now that when I do when I get into the later part of the game, this is still quite early on. When I get to the later part of the game, I’m gon na have amo and I’m gon na be good to go, which leads us on nicely to fortnight tip number eight, which is to pick your and know when to run so you don’t always have to Fire as soon as somebody fires that you can see there, we’ve gathered the stone, so I’ve put up a wooden wall and a stone wall to make sure we can get away.

That way. I can run away from this. Guy’S got to get out of there. I run all the way around to get me always got to get through them. Two walls, a lot of people want their mother to do that, will kind of leave it. So you can go back regroup and, as you can see here, I find some bandages and just bandage myself up and you can always go back and another day. Do you know one thing that I do find a lot of people? They get a gn shot at them. They panic, we start to spin around and they start spraying fire and it just never works religion, and you tend to find your game Island quickly. If you do that, the other person’s already got the drop on you, so they’ve got a huge advantage, like we said earlier, so make sure you get out of there. So that concludes our fortnite battle, royale tips and tricks guide. Then. Hopefully, this will help you get like the best wpn and hopefully it’ll help you finish in the top 10 much much more often just to quickly conclude, then make sure that you calibrate your wpn, make sure that you do in aim training in the lobby make sure You gathering materials but try and prioritize stone if you can drink potions straight away, closed doors behind you, when you’re in a house make sure that you set traps.

You know when you’re in a house you know utilize those, because a lot of people overlook them, pick up, amo, crates and pick your and hopefully that will help you guys, get more SolarWinds and make you a better player when you get to thanks for watching guys, Make sure that you don’t miss out on the competition to win the ten steam codes? You know I’m gon na give away ten to subscribers this time around all you’ve got to do is be a subscriber drop a like on the video and make sure that you leave a fortnight related comment down below. That’S it and then you’re in with the chance to win just hit, like I said, just recently, hit over a thousand subscribers. So massively massively pleased with that. Thank you guys and I will catch you on the next video take care. Now you

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