Fortnite Wolverine Trophy – Find Wolverines Trophy In Dirty Docks – Wolverine Week 3 Challenge


Hey everyone, it’s DrogonX and i’m gon na help you with week three of wolverine’s challenges, which is to find wolverine’s trophy in dirty docks, and this is the area you need to head to, which is just south of dirty docks. It’S a small area, just south of it and you’re going to find the trophy in there and it’s going to give you a back bling for this week.

So i’ve marked it on the map and i’m just making my way there now and don’t forget guys. If i do help you out with the challenges drop a like down below and subscribe to my channel, So you can see this small building is what i’ve marked and you’re going to find the trophy inside this building.

So what you want to do is head into a door i’m going to head into this side door over here and you can see if you head into this room and just knock out this crate behind it is wolverine’s trophy and once you’ve picked it up. You can see your back bling changes and you’ve now got wolverine’s back bling trophy, which is a sentinel head as your reward. So when you head out of this game, you’ll see that this is now a new back bling in your inventory.

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