Gatherers Fortnite – How To Find Gorger and Gatherers and how to Destroy them


Hey guys it’s DrogonX and have you met these new drones that have landed on the map since the stark industries update? If not, i’m going to show you Gatherers Fortnite and what these are in this video, how to find them and, more importantly, how you can defeat them. So these guys are called Gorgers. They are basically drones sent by Galactus and they seem to be on a mission to destroy you and to be honest, they’re pretty difficult to actually eliminate and you’ve got to try and eliminate this main Gorger guy. But when you do you’re going to be left with a ton of loot that you can then use

So, a little bit like my marauder video in the last season, i’m going to show you in this video how you can hunt down these Gorgers and what i’ve done is i’ve come off the battle, bus and opened my glider and i’m just basically looking around waiting For the sign that the Gorgers have landed, and it does take quite a while, i think, to see this sign normally. You’Ve got to wait until the first storm circle has formed and you can see we’re about two and a half minutes away from the storm shrinking, and this is what we are looking for. So you’ve got to make sure you’re spinning around quite quickly because otherwise you’ll miss that sign.

But if you saw there was a red beam that just came down from the sky and it landed just at that island, north of misty meadows, in fact there’s another one. So you can see this red beam of light. That’S landed somewhere between lazy lake and retail row. So that’s what you’re looking for and that’s going to tell you where the Gorgers are landing. So i know there’s going to be a Gorger on this island, which means i need to grab some sort of weapon because i’m going to need weapons and ammo. If i want to destroy this Galactus drone

And by the way, guys, if you’re new to my channel, don’t forget to drop that like down below and subscribe, because i do monthly giveaways and there is a link that i’m going to put above. If you want to be entered into my September giveaway, where i gift three of my subscribers – something at the end of each month, which can be anything in the item shop or the battle pass up to 1200 Vbucks. So there’s someone around here think they might be fighting the drone. This is typical. I’Ve only got two pistols and a bandage bazooka, but let’s see how far we can get defeating the Galactus drones.

Oh, i can see the Gorger over there and there is another player. So i’m just going to see if i can eliminate him quickly, So you can see there’s all these mini drones around. So these are like mini Gorgers. I guess and they’re pretty easy to shoot down, but they’re going to be firing at you and the cool thing is when you do actually knock one down. If you’re quick enough, you can pick it up and then it becomes a weapon. But if you don’t pick it up in time, it’s going to explode and if you’re close to it, it’s going to knock off a lot of your health. So you’ve just got to be careful. You don’t stand too close, like i think i just did there yeah. So i just lost loads of health.

It’S a good thing: i’ve got this bandage bazooka. Actually it’s probably going to be really handy, but when those little mini Gorgers do explode, they leave behind health packs and bandages. So that’s pretty useful as well, But this is the Gorger that you need to actually eliminate this big guy in the middle and basically he’s just releasing all these little mini drones as well, so you’re not only getting shot at by the main Gorger, but also his Little robots that are coming out of him as well. I’M sure there’s going to be challenges to do with this Gorger coming up soon. So i’ve just knocked down one of the little Gorgers i’m going to see. If i can pick it up and then you can see you can fire with it.

So every time i hit this Gorger, it’s knocking 37 off its health, but you can see its health bar is huge. So it’s going to take quite a while to actually eliminate this Galactus drone and there’s a couple of other little ones trying to shoot me as well. So that’s why i’m just going to keep moving around and we’re almost there. And luckily it looks like this: drone’s firing is unlimited and i think he’s defeated and you can see a punch card has come up as well, which says galactus hungers and i got 15 thousand XP and i’ve just passed level 100 Amazing. So i have managed to eliminate a a Gorger and you can see the amount of loot that has just been left behind by the main Gorger. So i think they are actually drones that suck up loot so when you do actually eliminate them, you’re going to get a really good amount of loot, and this one has left behind a gold rocket launcher as well, which is pretty cool. So you should get some good loot if you do eliminate the Gorgers

And by the way, just to show you, you can see that red beam coming from the sky at any point in the game. So there’s only about 13 people left in the game that i’m in and i’ve just seen another red beam there in the sky and there is another Gorger that’s landed there, so you will find them throughout a match and by the way, guys. If you haven’t seen this place yet this is the gas and grub landmark that you’ll find just south of stark industries and sort of east of the authority. And basically, if you head inside, you’re gon na see a ghost and a shadow henchmen having a bit of a dance-off. So that is pretty entertaining during Gatherers Fortnite.

Anyway, let me know in the comments below how you get on defeating the new Gorgers that have been sent by Galactus

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