Get Fortnite VBucks by just playing the game – PVE VBucks Farming Guide


Your groups welcome back to the latina army and latina, and today, I’m gon na look at just a quick video at farming V books on how to get V books now. This is mostly for Fortnite PvE for the fortnight, save the world edition of the game and all lots of people have got just the battle rail. But if you look up here, I’ve got 3,600 V books and I want to show you guys rather than pay for the V books. So a thousand B books he’s seven pounds. 99. I don’t know I’ve got a lot of American viewers and viewers in Europe who use euros and dollars, but in fair terms and purposes, seven pounds 99 for 1000 V books. Now what you can do and the best way to level off our thing is to if you’ve got the PvE game you shouldn’t ever have to buy these, because these are in game. Currency stands for vendor tech books, I believe, but you can use the you, can use them in PvE.

You know in this get version of the game and you can buy different bits of loot with the V books or you can use them in the actual game. In the battle royale game – and you can use them to spend on that waste totally down to you – how you want to do that so the best way to do the first one to do the first way to get these V box is your daily quests. So let me just close these up a little bit here, so you guys can all see. So if you got to do the quests, often each day, you’ll get three daily quests in there and they’ll give you fifty bucks each. So if you look at that’s a 150 V books each day, they’re really quick. But if you look at this one complete three play with all those missions and then I’ll get another 50 of e-books to put on top of that. So these three missions in there usually and they’ll, give you fifty bucks each also. The other sections are looking is challenges.

You know challenges often off the V books as well, so this one lock. So these two are that haven’t got them, but this one 50 V books in there what the challenge is often as well. It’S not only it’s not uncommon for this to be another three in there. I think I’ve done two today already, which is why these have come back up. But when you start a day off, you’ll have another 150, as with the V box in there, which you can do as well. So you can probably do all the daily quests and all the challenges in just about just over an hour. I would say – and it probably won’t even take you – that for some people – okay, the other place you can sometimes get them – is in the main quest they’re.

Not always in there like man at the minute is too many Larmour rewards, but every now and again in the major story quest you usually get about 100 V books in there, but they’re not there every day, they’re, not there all the time, and you also can Get a storm shield v books as well. Every time you defend your storm shield, you know you tend to get a hundred V books from that and also, if you use the collectors book. So if you go in to the armory and you go to the collectors book, some of the things up here – these are the rewards that you can get, but the rewards appear often you know what you’ll find on there is. The rewards are often come up as the books as well. The most I’ve ever got from those from the collectors book is 500 V books, but that changes all the time and then also another place to get them from V books. Is the dealer rewards?

If you go up here and if you look there, if you just logging in each day, so when I get today, 28 I’ve got 300 V books they’re. My next reward that I’m gon na get is 150 of e-books. So there’s always things that you can get in there as well, so it just keeps going now. V books in PvE are slightly different from the Battle Royale, so for tonight about all rial. You would buy skins, you would buy. You know cosmetic kind of items in for tonight in PvE, so in for tonight save the world you buy these loot liners if you’ll just show you one in here. Look so if I just claimed one there there you go so what we do we hit the llama and then what we do. We get a lot of this stuff in here and it just opens it all up.

I mean you can fast-forward it. You just hold down the bottom here we go so you’ve got a ton of stuff in there and then these are things what you can use in game. So we’ve got a rare hero which is pretty cool rest survival, which is great. I was telling you guys if you’ve watched my other video, which was about the leveling up in fort now. Survivors are absolutely extremely important for the game, so which is pretty awesome, so you know, and you can clone them, you can buy them with V books. That was one using the fort nightmares candy, but if we use this one, let’s just do one more while we’re here, so we just hit that open I’ll fast forward. This a lot of people do these alarma openings and a falling out Lima opening. Oh, we’ve got some sort of epic item here: oh we can have a scythe or an app. Let’S get a scythe. I don’t think I’ve got any sides yet awesome.

So we’ve got our copper sized schematic, which means I can make my own sides now, which is fantastic. I’Ve got a lot of the already got 350 candy in that one, which is great cuz. That means we can claim another llama. Let’S do it. Why not? So we open this up and then we’ll just fast forward that I always fast forward in case Joe until we get any epics or survivor XP massively important there we go and that’s that done. So if you are not this sort, then so just having a quick look at this, you know you can get if you do all your dailies, which is 150 and the three challenges. That’S 300. If you do a storm shield, defense and then two major story quests, you know that’s six hundred now. That means that in two days potentially, you could get so, let’s just say: on average, you get between 400 and 600 three books a day following these methods that I’ve just shown you one here. So if you do that over two days, then you’re gon na get between 800 and 1,200 V books every day which, if your law is about 799 s, if you want that or say over a week, you know you’re looking well over 20 power well over the 20 pounds mark and what you’re gon na be saving you’re almost going to be making. I mean you can’t sell these things on, but you know if value for money wise. If you look rather than spend of ebooks, if you’ve got the PvE version, you can farm them.

It’S super easy. So what I would say I’ll just quickly recap them, so you want to be doing the daily quests. All of those it should be three of challenges. You’Re gon na get three of those a day as well. I would do one storm shield, defense and two main store requests. You know if you can get them an out. Even one main story: quests should probably be enough and you’ll be earning anywhere between. As I said, 4 to 600 V books every single day, so that’s the best way to do it guys and then you can get all your cosmetics and you can, you know, go into battle royale if you want. You know, if that’s your thing or you can get more llamas and upgrade yeah you’re survivors, or do it get some legendary heroes and things like that.

It’S totally down to you, because if you’ve got another way of making more money in there, you know them. Please, let me know in the comments down below and if you’re, not part of the Montana army already, and you want to see more Fortnight guides, make sure that you subscribe and I will catch you guys on the next video thanks for watching guys. You