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Guide for Ventures : FORTnITE By: MrFireIce333



Have been playing Ventures for some time and just wanted to throw in a few tips/loadouts for every1 who might’ve forgotten. Ofc it’ll be my opinion/loadout and not the only thing that works so feel free to change what you want 🙂

  1. The modifier “Rage” will be with you every game – “Do weapon damage frequently to earn and keep energy; ablites cool down faster and do more dmg.” -> if you want to play a hero based on abilites that cost energy you’ll have a difficult time/need to keep killing or you’ll be stuck at 0 energy – can’t rly farm with amc.

  2. Supply drop will be your best friend to get mats for free – cd is reduced to ~2min40 / you can lower it even more with Gadgeteer in support team – you can do the math for yourself how much stuff you can get in every mission with just calling in the supply drop.

  3. Radar Towers – if you look at the reward it’ll tell you what you get. Why is that important? Because some of them reward crystals/ores (I think they give ~4ores per tower) so it might be faster to build towers instead of looking for ores in caves.

  4. Search everything you can – you’ll need weapons and thats one easy way to get them (chests / safes / etc.).

  5. Line of sight – should be kinda obvious but you can’t shoot what you can’t see so pls don’t build stuff to block the LoS for your team.

  6. Don’t overbuild – some games ppl will upgrade everything to T3 and no husk every gets anywhere near the objective and/or build 5000 T1 walls to block the husks.

  7. Make sure the mission you’re playing is playable (sometimes you can’t interact with the objective to start; it doesn’t trigger so it’ll never start; objectives might be stuck in the floor etc -> don’t waste time / mats on that.

  8. Loadouts without the need for weapons/energy: Commander: what you like / Team Perk: Blakebeard’s stash (peg leg will always be at a high plvl and one shot most husks for quite some time; coconut is a nice heal which frees a slot in your support team; canonball grenade is a good aoe – and all from looting the stash). My loadout is Commander Fleetfoot Ken; Team Perk Blakebear’s Stash; Support Team Swab the Deck, Avas Mateys, Goin’ Coconuts, Gadgeteer, Monster Smash; Gadgets Supply Drop and Turrets. Always keep a weapon to kill husks (your peg legs and the other stuff you got from the stash will only last you current game and the next one you need to find them again)

  9. Loadouts without the need for weapons/energy: Commander Fragment Generation+ (Every 13kills give you one charge fragment for teddy) / Team Perk what you like / Support Team: as you like – most will focus around your teddy and/or shock tower. Teddys will require you to have energy; if you have charge fragments Teddys won’t cost energy. My loadout is Commander Fragment Flurry Jess; Team Perk Happy Holidays; Support Team Bearserker, Bear with me, Under Warranty, Pressing Charges, Gadgeteer; Gadges Supply Drop and Turrets.


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