How I Went From 0 To Hero In Fortnite | Battle Royale Starter Tips


Hey, what is going on everyone around two weeks ago. I had zero wins in fortnight with hundreds of attempts You might be thinking that I’m awful because I actually was at the game I wasn’t very good it took me forever to win at any time. I did get close to winning I absolutely blew it at the end of games, but over the last two weeks I followed these tips to elevate my game and earn over 40 wins and top 5 every game with duo and squad clutches thrown in there too the great thing is you guys are Probably starting out at a better spot than I did it took me hundreds of games to even get my first one so You’re gonna find a way to consistently get those victory Royales really quickly.

Now let’s get into it, okay I think the obvious place to start is with the Landing and this is an area that a lot of other youtubers had wrong for me They said you should pick only a couple of spots that you know where all the loot is and go to those every single time Now this is fine and dandy when you’re already good at the game I go to the same three spots every game now that I know what to do and how to win however this strategy Absolutely will slow down your ultimate progress to victory royale Consistently what you need to do at the start so when you’re a beginner you’re new to the game You need to land at the first big city the bus flies over You’re most likely not going to win doing this strategy given, how many people you’re gonna run into, but this is gonna Give you a ton of experience really quickly and you’re going to Exponentially get better at the game You’re gonna be forced into learning how to win gunfights how to land quickly how to loot Efficiently and most importantly how to build the best teachers always experience in practice mr.

Miyagi had a right guys with wax on wax off Wax on right hand, wax off left hand Some of my noob friends and you newbies out there, too You go with the land very far away in the discrete location strategy where you end up hiding the whole game? Going bush to bush being a bush wookie to get top 5 Okay, sure you might get top 5 every once in a while hell You might even get a Victory Royalle or two by luck But this strategy will not make you good at the game as soon as you run into someone who knows how to build Effectively you’re gonna be seeing eliminated on that screen before you can say oh snap oh snap Now that you are landing in heavily populated areas it is time to start working on elevating your game for survival There are plenty of guides on landing quickly But I’ll briefly go over the basics because being one of the first ones is very Important and earning that competitive advantage over your enemies when falling you’re always going to want to target rivers outside the map or Valleys basically just the lowest points on the map that way you fall for longer before you have to pull out your glider Once your glider is deployed And you’re heading towards a big city like retail row greasy Grove any of these take a look around To see where everyone else is heading this is gonna Give you a great idea of how many enemies you might have to fight And you can make a mental note of which houses or directions.

You need to look out for incoming attacks Upon landing you gotta prioritize Guys you would not believe how many people I’ve seen you run across a building to grab bandages or shield before they even have a gun Number one step on the ground always grab a gun first that you can’t defend yourself without a gun Pickaxe does not go very far guys And I know a lot of you have already learned that So after you have that gun you can loot the rest of the house or building wherever you’ve landed But listen up for footsteps of other people if no-one is near you Find your way to the roof to get a good look at your surroundings and tada You guys have now survived the landing and you have at least one gun We’re making progress, and you guys are surviving for longer already in these big cities Say hello to my little friend! The loading screen is the most underrated target practice site, I cannot stress this enough Instead of sitting on your phone texting your mom or reading some crap on Twitter between games Find a gun and work on your shot This will not only help you warm up for that high-pressure Situation of landing in big city or wherever you land once you’re experienced But it’ll also give you that much needed Experience with nearly every gun in the game if you pick up something that you’re not used to using Of course your shots gonna be off But if you can kind of diminish that by practicing it in the practice load screen you’re gonna be much better off Other youtubers also suggest guns based on situations for example the pump shotgun from close range versus the m16 This is another tip I firmly disagree with especially for beginners when you’re new to the game you need to find that one go-to gun that your nails with for me I love the m16 and I absolutely melt with it so instead of wasting my time at the start of the game with a shotgun Pistol or SMG that I’m inaccurate with I always stuck with my m16 even from close range Once I had the m16 mastered.

That’s when I took the opportunity to branch out to other guns don’t branch out until you have that one reliable weapon you know you can always rely on and The gun that you rely on might be different for everybody, so I’m not gonna suggest any specific weapon I just know personally that I’m better off handing a monkey the controller if I have a scoped or first They are I don’t know why I just cannot hit shots with those guns, and I really need to practice with those But that might be different for you guys and at the start of the game guys Doesn’t matter what gun you pick up just always pick up a gun I know I’d say to prioritize that number one gun, but at the start of the game get your hands on anything It’s better than the pickaxe Building is the most Important step out of this entire video so if you get nothing else this really should be number one I just didn’t want to put it in chronological order. This is the most important you can always tell an Inexperienced player from a great player based on how they build and if they build if you have the PvE Version of fortnight’s you’re in luck This is where I started to build very quickly and I learned how to mix up my builds by editing structures Don’t worry if you don’t have the PvE version you can practice these quick combat builds and battle royale My favourite build is the quick four walls and stairs build anytime I’m shot or in a sticky situation This build gives me a chance at gaining that high ground over the enemy with a little bit of protection in the meantime you can practice this build in the PvE version and in battle royale just stock up on resources and Practice switching from your gun really quick to building walls as fast as possible all you do you switch from your gun to walls Boom boom boom for around you, and then you lay stairs this has become reflex for me and many other experienced players And you need to get there too another quick building tip for starters I’m not gonna get too advanced into building in this video I can in a future one if you guys want me to But just keep building walls when someone is shooting at you You can lay down walls as fast as they can shoot So they will very quickly run out of ammo especially towards the start of the game When the shooting is died down build yourself stairs to get that high ground and start firing back.

I could seriously Cannot stress the importance of building enough whether it is building yourself Protection or building stairs to infiltrate an enemy base you’re gonna have to learn how to do this to achieve victory royale consistently Many of you are not playing with combat pro on your controller setup, but you definitely should be Combat pro lets you build quicker and switch between weapons and resources Instantly I know a lot of you might be using it But if you’re used to the default controller settings then combat pro is gonna feel weird at first Make sure you practice in the loading screen and ingame to adapt but seriously combat pro will give you the ability to switch between shooting an AR to a shotgun and milliseconds making a huge difference in battle So if you’re not using it make sure you start using it very quickly go to settings Change the combat pro because it’s gonna amp up your game as fast as possible one mistake I see a lot of starters teaming up with friends and squads now This is a great way to have fun and get some victories off of your teammates hard work But if you’re new to the game you’re not truly going to learn how to be good if you’re relying on your team You need to learn how to do steps one through five on your own Rather than having teammates give you ammo buildings and good landings.

There’s an exception to this however I believe duo with a really experienced friend can help you out a lot you still have a large amount of Responsibility in duo and you can learn a lot by playing with a good friend my brother Josh for instance has almost 150 wins total playing duels with him really helped me see the game through an experienced players eyes and how to deal with nearly any Situation in game. He taught me a lot, and he actually helped me put together this guide so Doing stuff with so many experienced something like duo. It’s gonna help you a lot and you’re still going to have to make big plays like building and crouch shooting all of these things that are Really important to the game So make sure that if you’re going to play with a friend try to find that guy that is good And you can really learn something from early on To wrap everything up you will get much better by following these steps trust me on that one I forgot to mention inside the making your shot better that Crouch shooting definitely is way more accurate so get used to Crouching and then shooting it makes the crosshair smaller and I’m sure you’ll see a lot of it in this video here of me doing that and Nailing some kills so make sure you do that and also resource Collecting very key to building obviously you can’t build if you don’t have enough resources the more resources you have the more you can build And the longer you’ll survive It only took me two weeks to go from not knowing any of the cities to winning nearly every game Practice makes perfect.

I know it’s cliche, but the more you play the better You’ll get there really is no set guideline to winning every game import night since the RNG is gonna put you in different situations sometimes better sometimes worse However mastering these basic skills will set you up for victory royale and give you the tools to beat down other players Depending on how you guys like this video. I could definitely do some more advanced guides talking through You know shield diverse advantages when to use traps launch pads and campfires and many more in depth tips Let me know what you guys think down below, and it this helped you please share it with your friends to help train them Too I want everybody to get better at fortnight I really made this video for my personal friends that are trying to get better at the game And I’m hoping these tips can really help them as always guys Thanks for all your subscriptions lately the channel just passed twelve thousand subs And I couldn’t really be here without you guys this has been rody Bros Cole, and I will see you all in the next video You

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