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How to BUILD LIKE A PRO In Fortnite Battle Royale (Best Secret Win Tips))


Wassup guys, That’s OmniPie here. So many of you have told me that you follow the tips in mine how to win videos, but you can’t win because you keep losing construction battles. Well, good news, I’m going to show you guys how to build everyone in this video. I give away Vbucks too. All you have to do is like, comment, subscribe and turn messages into a chance 2,000 Vbucks. Let’s start with this clip here. where I think my own business is taking a walk in nature and I see a stalker coming up behind me. So I start the fight with a 1 to 1 having deck if the enemy knows where you are doing Be sure to cover yourself before you start fighting. So of course you have to do 9 damage to the pump, that’s how it goes. This is the part of the fight that many noobs will mess up. There are basically two options here A, treat this like a basic FPS game and jump around shoot the enemy, or b, stop being a noob and actually build walls that instantly block incoming shots and get better positioning.

That’s right, we’re going with B in here. Also note here how I make sure to be two stories above, this is almost always better than just one because the enemy can just jump shotgun you or even build a ramp over you if you are a story up. He responded really quickly and built above and below the ramp, a very good layer to come back high terrain. Normally, I just wanted to build a ramp where I stand, to stand up even higher, not sure why I didn’t, but it seems like I’m just getting over him because he’s some kind of bloke themselves ub. Since he’s finally stopped, I’m building a floor and jumping upstairs makes it a lot easier to move around and gives you coverage under you. Now I heard him shoot from the south side but not sure where he is exactly so I take some time to look around, maybe get a free shot. Then I see him building a roof so I know he’s under it.

So now of course we just spray that roof and hope for the best if we were NOOBS. It won’t get us anywhere because he expects us to do it, since he knows where we are. That’s why we jump to the side here to shoot Hello M. Now be aware, this part takes a lot of practice. We break down his ramp and then build a wall instead of shooting him. Then we edit a bottom right triangle on that wall and then shoot him. This captures him completely off guard because most people will try to portray themselves in with a wall in this situation, so we build the wall first so we can catch him sooner he can do it. Also, the lower right triangle allows us to see more of him than he sees of us, for everyone’s sake crosshair is to the right and slightly above them, so half the wall to our top left, blocks a part of us from his sight most of the time. Here’s another similar build match where I edit.

We’re starting to lure this guy out with some shots. Then he throws himself in. I start shooting from a side I wasn’t on before, but I notice he had another ramp, he was too behind and he could escape from above, so I build a ramp over him to stop it. Then I edit the ramp to the left. Again, I make sure to edit it to the left because of the right side advantage crosshair. Now it’s basically the same deal except we reintroduce the floor isntead of the wall. Then we edit the right side closest to us and finish him off. Now this trick may seem easy in these clips but if you are predictable with it, the enemy can just build up spam before you can recreate it, try to be a little unpredictable structures that you rebuild. You can also use this trick on enemies that are stuck on you. This Wick thinks he hit the jack pot using blinds me but he is about to regret brass with me.

Many newer players here would try to switch to their shotgun and fight back, but it is always the wrong game because of the delay you have when switching to a weapon. You will switch to building instead because it is instant and then block the enemy away. This wick builds pretty fast, though I had to build a roof that also blocked a pump, but it let him go through my roof, so now I can only ramp him out, which fortunately worked. Then we build a floor and edit out half of it, this opens him up and gives me a good look little cover so I can safely jump shotgun him and get killed. Now I want to show you how to engage someone when they don’t show themselves downstairs because I used to have this problem a lot but not anymore.

So I’m just doing what a monkey does best, chopping down some wood. Then a dirty poacher comes around again, I’m not switching to a gun to shoot back, I’m building the walls immediately. And I make sure to build ramps in their direction after the wall many players will keep building 1 by 1s up, but the problem with that is the enemy can build ramps up faster than you can build a 1 to 1, so by building a ramp in their directionm they block them while letting you build up faster. He gets stuck and walks around, I get a free shot off and he suddenly gets cold feet and hides. Don’t let him get away with this, it’s scary to give up high ground, but it’s much better than losing the enemy. When I jump out, I get a free shot in back which I miss, but that’s what I mean. The enemy is in full hiding mode so they don’t really know where you are if you fall down, they usually won’t see you and you get a free shot like this.

Now even if you miss it, you can just climb back up like that. Then the bike repeats itself and this time I didn’t miss. So, in a construction fight, the biggest thing is to be over the enemy, but it’s also important to place for free shots whenever you can, otherwise it’s just building for no reason which I see people do a lot. They’re all like, haha ??look I’m so high up and the enemy is far below me hiding somewhere, uuuh what do i do now? Here is another good example of what I mean. I start this fight by getting high ground and hitting the enemy a few times.

When they go back, I make sure to move forward and keep track of them and always look around I can get a shot in. When they get too close and I can’t see them, only then will I build another floor and so try to track them by sound. I find them and then when I notice they stop making noises, I move to where I am heard the sound and find them. Then I do the wall editing stuff, but they just ran away. So when I notice, I try to follow them because I don’t want to lose them. And as they continue to run away, I continue to hunt and go lower if they go lower and eventually quit them. The cut point is that you will be aggressively chasing down your enemies in a build battle if they start running away because notice how he had a camp fire and minis.

He could have easily healed most of the damage if I lost him in just 5 seconds. That’s something I’m actually talking about for players who keep building up, though never chasing. I just have to jump down, drink some juice and heal and reset the fight. Don’t let people do it for you. Now here’s a really good clip of me vs. someone who’s pretty good at getting high ground, ignore the Jetpacks, I didn’t want to use jetpack footage as it is only limited time but I never used it once during this match so don’t worry.

The fight starts with rescuing a dinosaur from an evil time traveler. Turns out the dinosaur was evil and can also shoot people so I had to shut it down. It starts to build, and so did I. When I’m close enough, it’s a good idea to block the enemy with a floor, now for some reason, if you stand in the middle of your ramp, looking down at the enemy ramp, the game will think you’re trying to build a ceiling over you. So literally, in the few frames it took from switching from my ceiling to floor that blocks the dinosaur it manages to pass through.

Fix this EpicGames, there has never been a point where I wanted to build on myself while watching downn. EVER. So at this point, I basically boxed myself against my own will. So I have to step back and build a ramp in another direction, which slowed me down a lot. So Dino’s going to block me now. So in this situation, you would at least put down a wall for insurance, cause if enemy hit you in, then you’re screwed. Then you build a ramp in another direction to try to get back up. And since the dino is right above us, we have to jump out and build a half 1 to 1 right away. So here’s a bit of an advaned technique, if you jump, then you can build the next level ramp while still at the bottom of your ramp and then flick it to the side really fast to another ramp to the side. This gives the enemy less opportunity and more opportunities. Then put the enemy under your ramp so they can’t do what you just did to them.

Now at this point, see if you can edit your ramps to catch them, in this case it was mine by being shot down so I kept rebuilding it until he slowed or stopped shooting so, I edit the stairs to the left so I could fall to the right and get it sneaking shots at them. And that’s pretty much the goal of most high level building battles, to catch the enemy below you and get the first shot at them through edits or if they come out in the open.

And also, bonus if you get a stylish submachine gun with a lot of ammo you can use it for Break through an enemy box as quickly as they can’t even respond. That ramp was in full health, but it could, like Well, I’ve been dead when faced with tac. Here’s another great clip of me boxing someone in. It’s very effective against most players, all the pros use it right now and I still can’t see 99% of players using it.

So if you can master this technique before it catches on, you become a god among men in fortnite. And now there is a special clip of a very rare scene where I use double ramps and walls to engage the enemy, it is very rare that I do it because it is like using a forbidden one Jutsu that removes your life force, which is materials in fortnite. But it is very effective for engaging someone with very high ground who is bombarding you with bullets. You can go up to 3 or 4 floors while your enemy sprays down your stuff and you still want to Be ok, but at that point be sure to look out for some free shots on the enemy while they are effortless to shoot down your walls. And look at that, he’s still trying to take down my forbidden Jutsu. I paid almost 200 mats for this thing, you’re not taking it easy. And if you lost two minutes in because you don’t even know how to build a 1 to 1 in under 3 seconds, then trying to build like a pro is probably not what you need to work on on right now.

I have a beginner build guide if you are interested. Tell me if you think I should make more videos like this since the building is such a one much of the game. Don’t forget to eave a like and subscribe. Goodbye.

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