How to Catch Rare Fish in Fortnite | Midas & Vendetta Flopper (GUIDE)


Oh, oh! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Yes! Yes, yes, hi, gamers, mums and dads welcome to Cridler gaming. Today we are going to catch the midas fish and i’m going to show you what i think is the quickest way to do it. First of all, you want to put the mida skin on now. I believe there’s a slight tweak in the code so that, if you are midas, there’s a slightly better chance that you’ll get one, it’s still very rare, but if you have the mida skin, please put it on that’s the first thing.

The second thing is the game mode we’re going to use so we’re not going to solo. What we’re going to do is go into battle lab and we will create a new game press play on the battle lab, create a new one. Yes, please, because i want to be here all on my own and the reason for that is that i need to do a lot of fishing and i can’t do a lot of fishing if people are wiping me out all the time. So here we go right. So what we want to do is land just to the top of the authority there just on it’s actually on the other side of the river, so there’s a little hut um, you can just see it.

My mark is a bit off. Actually, it’s just to the right of my marker. There’S a nice little hook there with lots of fishing equipment. Now, if we don’t get the blue fishing rod straight away, what we’ll do is we’ll quickly uh, grab a load of materials and run over to the authority and upgrade the fishing rod from gray to rare. So, let’s just pop down here, you might get lucky.

There are about three or four little fishing stops and you can also see just there on the left hand, side there’s one over the stream as well. Let’S see what we get on here, just gray, gray, gray grey could just smash it. I suppose, but hey nothing in here. One of my girls actually found a blue one. Just straight there on the floor, we’re perfect all right.

Try this one. Can we get now? That’S a load out. The other good thing about the battle lab is that you get materials so quickly, so we’ve got 404 wood already, although it looks quite metally, the authority is not that much around, so i tend to just build up here and grab this. I’M not worried about the chests the actual uh in battle lab.

It doesn’t count on your punch card, so there’s no point collecting them, so just go back into the front door. Um! Oh no! It’S just side side entrance here, just just where we’ve built there there. We go, let’s go down here through the door and we’ll see we can upgrade our fishing rod.

So now we’ve got everything we need to do the challenge, we’re at the authority. We have the midas skin and we have the rare fishing rod so or the pro rod. So now all we need to do is fish. So let’s grab the timer here right and we’re just about to start 352. 13

Should count the fish as well now our odds have improved.

By doing this, i promise you it can take a bit of time, but if you’re going to do it, this is the way to do it. It doesn’t help you in game-ness, of course, but what it does do is it helps fill up your sort of punch card of fish, so um we’re looking for vendetta and the midas of the two, and you pretty much get one. If you, if you go all the way around the authority, grabbing every hole, um, you will you’d be unlucky not to get at least one of the fish you should get both, but just depends how lucky you’re feeling so just go around here when i load this Video up i’ll, try and count the fish at the same time, papa how many we’ve got while you’re doing this. You are catching a lot, so you’re, probably gon na get some personal best. You might get some new fish as well that you need um.

I’Ve got 37 out of the 40

For some reason i can i’ve caught 39, but two of them are sort of grayed out, so i left to sort of get them again. I probably didn’t pick them up or you know i saw them on the floor which i didn’t catch. So i’m not exactly sure why it’s grayed out, but i need to then get those which will leave me with one left, maybe getting it on this uh this go now. This may take a bit of time, but we’ll see really into two minutes. I think the first one took me about 18 minutes to get but um.

I reckon we do it quicker than that. Now, if you don’t have the mida skin on, it is still doable, it must be still doable. Fortnite could not put a challenge in that is impossible. So if you didn’t get the battle pass um when was midas what too long ago, was it season 11 chapter two season one anyway? If you didn’t get the uh the midas skin, then it would be impossible to the challenge, so i’m guessing you can still do it.

It’S just that midas in all his glory here just helps, helps with the odds a bit of an insider bit of insider information. What’S the odds of catching the midas fish each hook? I have no idea if you know pop it in the comment down below must be 100 to 1 150 to 1

I don’t know, and on pokemon shinies are about 450 to 1, and this is a lot easier than that. So, although you are catching a lot of fishing in one go done, it’s a minecraft catching books. This is turning to the same game when fortnite meets minecraft.

That’D be interesting square holes, lots of floppers quite cute, really looking at that one down there, hello just a bit dead, though or thing i’m sorry, i’m sorry fish! I’Ll put you all about later. I promise, after recorded i’ll, go and throw you all back in. Oh llama, it’s funny llama under the sea. Well, i’m just don’t forget the gnomes challenge.

There’S five gnomes around the map, um next to bombs that you have to sort of understand: you’ll get 25 000 xp. If you get them all, you can just search it up, but uh there’s one at the bottom of the bottom of the top steamy stacks tower. Oh personal best, there’s one under the bridge misty meadows sands by the car park in a big hotel, um holly hedges. In the in the garden and if you get them or just five of them, if you get them all, then you get some xp, oh excited, then thermal fish stop being legendary. I really don’t like the thermal fish.

It’S just! You can’t see what i’m doing right. So first vendetta, 3 47 left five less than five minutes for the vendetta. Four minutes 50 seconds: it’s not bad going. I want to edit the video, but then you might think i’m speeding it up or doing something.

If you look at the top right, the timer is still there. It’S still ticking down one at a time, one. Second, at a time, i don’t think i’m number one on any fish. I’Ve got so many friends on here. So uh.

If you are your name comes up, then well done! Congratulations! Three miles bar for you never see you doo build up, so i can see now it’s dark now. I don’t think that has any difference at all whether you can get it or not. Some of the fish has to be dark for you to get them and some has to be like for you to get them, but they remind us, it’s just i’m pretty sure they’re all around the authority and it helps to be midas and we get it thermal Fish get me excited, in fact, i’m not even sure the midas looks gold when it comes out we’ll see creepy.

Looking things i haven’t got the fish, i don’t need yet. I think it’s around coastal areas, i’ll search it up. Three thermal fish. It’S a bit generous! I’M doing the time seven minutes in get the hopper and speed it up same name, skipping numbers number one and the fishing.

They must have done a lot of fishing, so i’ve lost about 20 seconds there. You can see everything’s exactly the same, but we still don’t have the midas fish. We’Ve been doing it now for about eight minutes, but i did lose a few seconds there. So at least uh countless fish, vendetta fish looks quite cool there. If you’re not using vendetta.

Fish, it’s best just to leave it till you near the end of the game, and then you can just see where the last people are. Oh batteries. It’S all going wrong. Camera batteries, controller batteries come on. We can do this.

Nowhere near all the way around the authority yet so anyway, wolverine has just come out very good he’s, tough though any blimey best way is, if you find him just stay as far back as you can 50 meters, probably about right, if you can snipe him in The head, once maybe him twice before he starts running since he’s running at you, good luck, but he can pretty much get in before he actually gets to you. That’S the aim, so we got him a couple of times his skin’s pretty decent and in the challenge gain health with wolverine. When you’ve got these claws on and you gain in health, it doesn’t actually add to that challenge. What it actually means is just uh. Take four damage and stand by campfire or eat foraged items or something like that to gain health naturally stand in the storm with a couple of floppers, more warby wolverine as the skin.

That’S the key got minus lots of floppers here b minus one. So these are fish 39 and 40. We’Re trying to get we’ve got 39, mr vendetta, or misses putting a very big one. Oh oh, oh thermal! I had it then too soon how many different types of fish around the authority?

Oh! Oh! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Yes! Yes! Yes, yes, yes, mr midas, 41. Second, 41, 11 minutes 41. We’Ve been at 11 minutes now, so it’s even less 10 and a bit minutes.

So if you’re not seeing how amidas works, look at those fish in my inventory look at him! He’S cute he’s wig! Oh he’s nice, it’s teeny, alright! So what i’m going to do now is we’re just going to go into the authority and just grab a few weapons if you’ve not seen this before it’s a it’s worth hanging on for a little while. I don’t need to be timed now, so i’m just going to pick up some weapons on your variety all right.

There must be a weapon in here. So what we’re going to end up with so we’ve got midas pistol, smg ar burst ar and a sniper. So if you eat the fish boom, they all go. Legendary their pistol doesn’t because there’s not a legendary pistol, the deagle really revolver, surely epistles of river. There we go that’s how to catch midas, fish in 11 minutes and a vendetta to uh.

To answer the collection enjoy the game, it’s it does take a bit of effort. So please don’t shout and scream. If you don’t do it in 11 minutes, it might take you 15 or 20 or might even have to go around the volunteer a couple of times. If you do go around the authority, then make sure you um start again. Um, let’s go around it once start again and then you’ll have a good go.

You should every time i’ve done it. I’Ve managed to get at least one of the vendetta or my just going around the authority. There’S plenty of spots to use so um thanks so much for watching. I hope this is useful, we’ll see in the next video [ Music ], bye, [, Music ], you

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