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HOW TO Complete ALL ISLAND GAMES QUESTS in Fortnite (Challenge GUIDE)


What’S up guys, it’s your targets! Welcome back to the channel in this video, i’m going to show you guys exactly how to get the qwerty x. If you guys watch till one minute 18 seconds, i have a secret to reveal. Firstly, you’ll have to do this intro or this trial that you need to quickly speed, run that i’m doing for you guys just running fast through it, so that you guys can see what to do exactly without snooping around just run straight. Go to the launch pad and jump on it, and then you guys will be exactly at your spawn point from your spawn point.

You want to go to this location to you, know, hunt your wildlife to get the challenge done, as you guys can see. You need to kill 30 wildlife, make sure you have enough bullets. The location is exactly at just on the right of the fish area. As you guys can see, i’m marking exactly right of the fish area. You will be able to kill.

30 hunt live wildlife, as you guys can see. I just completed the challenge and two more challenges and then i’ll have the axe, which is very great news. I’M very excited. I already got the new wrap. This is what it looks like with 20k xp, and this is how fast it goes guys.

So, basically, what you want to do here is just keep on costing in your reel make sure that your inventory is full you’ll gain xp without catching a fish. Eventually, when you’re level 3, you will keep on catching these fish and it will be a very fast challenge. Getting 35k xp once off the next challenge. I’M gon na do the finest 2v2 you’re also going to change. You select finance, realistic.

2V2 click on play. Click on full, whichever way you want to and you’ll be ready choose your layout, whichever you prefer, select a team quite obvious and simple and get into the battle now what you want to do is you just want to shoot the players from above you want to Deal team damage: you want to knock a player with your friend, assisting him in somewhat way. Just make sure you get a hit on him as you guys can see, and the challenge will count in your favor or you can just play the game and wait for all these challenges to eventually you know be completed, but it’s easier. If you focus on what you need to do, especially if you can just hit them and your friends kill them or your friends hit them and you kill them, whichever way it’s up to you guys but make sure to memorize your challenges in this session, and it Will be a one one done done situation, for example, as you guys can see here. It didn’t even take me 30 minutes to do this less than 30 minutes, and most of my challenges will be done.

I purposely let him hit me there so that i can drink my shields and also get the challenge done after me. Killing him with a shotgun from above. The challenge is going to be done and i will unlock all the rewards. There is to unlock, as you guys can see, i’ve unlocked the new harvesting tool, which looks very great 35k xp, plus 20k xp, plus another 20k xp. It’S amazing and this qwerty axe looks amazing guys, please hit that like and subscribe cheers

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