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How to Get Mythic Carnage Symbiote in Fortnite Season 8 Location


So the carnage mythic just got added in game, as you can see. Okay now, i’m gon na have to defend it from this guy quickly, but once i’ve killed him, he might try and pick it up. I will show you how to get it yourself. So on the map, look for these things here they will spawn at the same time as the first circle, so about two minutes into the game start and then you can see that you’ve got the mythic. Now i’m gon na get to a safer place at actually.

I’M not gon na even launch, but i can just use the gladiator play, but just to know what you’re looking for you’re. Looking for that symbol for the venom one – and you saw briefly before again that same red symbol with a white outline now, if you’ve already seen my video on the venom symbiote, this is gon na, be the exact same thing just re-skinned. Basically, so it’s gon na do the exact same thing. This will just show a different glider and look a bit different, but you get the same speed boost you get the same, glittery deploy and you have the same grabbing hand as well. Now i’m going to try and grab this guy down here, i’m not sure how this is going to go, seeing as he’s in the car, he said 60 damage and just like that that was that could not have gone any better.

To be honest, that is just nearly the perfect uk use case. Basically, the only way it gets any better than that is when they’re you get them through builds as well, but this thing looks absolutely insane again: i’ve already got a video on the venom mythic. If you want to know how to see if it was so, if you want to see gameplay of that one again, the only really difference is just the color and the backlink looks a bit different. The venom one almost looks like a pair of wings, whereas the carnage one as you can see here. It looks like that now, the range let’s see can i reach that?

Oh wow, okay, so it goes through. However many walls that was, i don’t think there are some walls in the middle there, but you can see it just went through half the building i’ll do a different test here. I’Ll try go diagonally through this and see um. Okay, i’m gon na wait for another cool down and i’m gon na get some builds and see how many this could go through. Now, i’m not gon na edit.

This video, i’m just gon na upload it all at once, because i’m trying to get this out as soon as possible, but if you guys do have any um additional questions about this mythic or the venom symbiote comment that down below. But i do want to see. Um, how many layers of wars and stuff it can go through because, as you saw there, it sort of just went through everything. I thought it was going to get stopped half into the building or something, but no, it just went through the entire building. So i put stairs in between these as well.

Okay, i missed one, but that’s okay, so if i’m all the way over here and then i shoot it through that wow, okay, everything has just gone. This thing, i don’t like saying things overpowered too early, but you have a speed boost and a you have a permanent speed boost and a permanent glider redeploy without even having to hold it in your hands and then, when you do hold it in your hands, you Get a very, very long range grab on someone almost like a better harpoon. However, the harpooner, let’s go after a brief period of time, i guess just missed out. Unfortunately, yeah, that’s gon na, be it for this video. I’M probably gon na die to these guys um.

If you guys have any more questions about the oh wow, okay, if you guys have any more questions about this exotic. Oh sorry, this mythical just picked up the exotic comment down below and i’ll do my best to get back from that. Otherwise, though, that’s it for me for now and i’ll see you all next time,

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