How To NO CHEAT The VOLCANO ADVENTURE! New Fortnite Creative Gamemode


Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to another Fortnite video. I told you I’m still gonna be doing these and We’re gonna go and do the volcano adventure. You guys know I love my guides my tutorials and I actually really enjoyed this map. It’s not the longest but it’s just a lot of fun It’s just like short and sweet type of map. But this is the volcanic adventure and straight away You just want to start the game because you start in the same space as you spawn on the island so you’re not going to miss out on anything and you can See the see the ocean and all the details put into it at the beginning, but welcome to volcano adventure You’ve got to basically get to the top it’s pretty self-explanatory one of the easy ones, but we quickly gonna go check out his socials because this is Toxific if you want to use his support creative code you can and all his YouTube, Instagram, and reddit are the same except for its Twitter, which is Fazeb4you Now you can also take a crossbow with you.

It has no real effect There’s a few firing ranges along the way that you can do for fun But other than that, it’s just a very basic parkour map. But if you are struggling I hope you enjoyed this guide make sure you hit the like button if it did help you but other than that let’s get into it Right now first level you just want to jump on through that gap That’s gonna get you to the first checkpoint now here You just want to make your way up the trees and just Crouch through because it can knock you off and then don’t be scared To jump through the bushes onto that first platform Onto the chair and then just get running jump onto the branch Now you can jump up onto the top But I just jumped from the branch onto the rock up to the tree and then just keep jumping up I wouldn’t try to run up that you’ll probably slip off Now this bit you wanna all the first few jumps are Pretty easy like these ones and once you want to be careful, you don’t overshoot Because that is sometimes the more common problem when you get a bit too confident But this first level is pretty basic and this brings you on to level 3 now You just want to hop onto the fence here And then you just want to jump around to the balcony up onto this triangle section and you’ve got to basically get around that whole little U-turn area and these triangles are probably gonna be your biggest pain on the map But once you learn to jump through them without hitting your head You’re pretty good.

Just go ahead and jump around the corner and then one short through that like triangle bit It’s pretty much easy there. You can jump on that part of the grass. Just not the lava section Now as I said, there are like some more little crossbow firing ranges around the area you can find a few little llamas as well and Be sure to like, subscribe, and leave a comment for me always support the channel. Thank you very much But yeah moving on we’re gonna move with the next level and this is like a little square section You can go left or right here. It doesn’t matter it’s pretty much the exact same and then we got get up this massive tube section and This for me was probably the the longest that it took me this was probably the longest section for me And it was mainly these two triangle jumps because they’re very tricky But once you do them you get onto this bit and you go jump from the middle all the way onto the top of the triangle and this is probably The hardest jump in the whole game so far But yeah, once you get that, it’s pretty simple Just make sure you land on the left if you try and hit the right the wood on the right and sometimes bounce you off just be careful of that got another little hidden llama in there and we’re gonna go ahead and be very careful with these jumps because the rest of this is pretty easy and we want to make sure we don’t fall now con- Consider in like we’ve just gotten past the hardest jump in the game We don’t have to go and do that a whole bunch of time So just jump up and round these corners very stealthily that the hardest bit here will be these flames But as long as like you hit the wall Just as like you’re on top of them that will slow you down a bit and it will help you get round onto the next Level, which is number five now.

There’s a little trick to this one There’s actually a bounce pad at the bottom, not bounce pad but like a bouncy thing at the bottom. Just press forward against the wall and the first bounce will Automatically put you in the room instead of you having to bounce in there for ages Trying to figure it out. And then this first little were a straightforward section. It’s pretty easy You can actually just walk around a lot of this section Just make sure you don’t go to the end of this log because the end of that log will Slip you back down all the way to the trap. So you want to jump about halfway up here Now number six this is like the last level and probably Second I’d say hardest jump in the game is right here And it’s getting from this top triangle point cuz you can hit your head if you go all the way to the top So just make sure you jump slightly before the top of the triangle and that Turn should get you to fall jump and then be careful to trap there You just want to do a nice little u-turn easy jump and you’ve completed it That’s we’re on to number seven.

But number seven is basically the end. This is the DEF choice. You’re finally here Enjoy the view and choose your end. So basically like there’s four choices number one You can go ahead and jump into the volcano and I was kind of hoping he might have done something tricky with it Where am I bounced you out in a different way or killed you in a different way? But it’s pretty much just a burn to death Yeah, sorry about that guys, or you can go ahead and get killed by an invisible block. Yep that definitely works definitely an invisible blocker there number four you can use a baller and go and explore the map and see what it looks like from a different perspective and This is pretty fun I do love exploring the maps on baller to see all the different areas and that but just be careful because you will most likely Die in life-or-death barrier this some somewhere around the map as part of the map now number two is go through this little speed and make your way to the portal just follow the red lights and this is basically Going to take you back to the creative hub and this is your final choice.

This is going to reset the game So be careful if you do go for it, but other than that We’re all good And I like the fact that once you come back in you still have the speed boots and you can run around like crazy But that’s the end of the video. I hope you did enjoy it I’ll see you for a lot more of these guides and yeah adios Say “LS IS” in the comments if you can see this. ;P.