How to Use the NEW Trap Tile and Tracker Devices in Fortnite Creative Update v11.30


There is a brand new update today and there’s a lot of really cool new things in creative mode. We’Ve got new prefabs new galleries and two really cool new devices and one really cool new setting. I’Ve set up two really cool unique levels that I’m gon na, show you and how I set all of those up. Alright, let’s jump into it guys I forgot to mention there is a new island you can use, so this is like a new, really cool tropical. Looking island with the dynamic water that you can swim in, so this is a cool new option for people making adventure maps or just whatever. If you want swimming to be in your island and it just just looks really cool. They also added in all the slurp factories, prefabs and galleries, so that you can see all the new galleries here, but there’s nothing really too special. In these I mean this one looks pretty cool.

Let’S fly it right over here and throw this down there’s some cool like new trucks – and you know this water thing is actually really cool. I guess we can make this giant if we wanted for just effect right, so really cool new little prefabs and galleries added and then we’ve got two really cool new devices. So there’s the tracker device and there’s the new trick tile device and there’s also a really cool new setting in the mutator zone where, when you emote it triggers a channel, and so you can do stuff now, making people dance or having to emo it. And then it will get you past the level kind of thing. First, let’s look at the new trick tile, so check out this really cool new level that I’ve set up alright.

So let me show you this little level. I’Ve made here using the new slurp, pretty fabs, but the goal is to get up here on top of this spot, but it’s impossible because there’s a wall in my way and no way to jump up there. Well, this new device lets you make walls disappear right. You can see the little like shimmy, you can eat it, you can make it so it doesn’t shimmy or that it instantly disappears if you want, but the cool thing about this is, let me show you, you hit this trigger boom and the walls reappear. So now we jump back over to the goal right, so the pathway that was impossible before is now possible. So there’s a lot of really cool applications. You can use with this device, whether it’s making walls reappear or floors that were not there before are now there. You know that kind of thing there’s a lot of different possibilities with this device.

Let’S just go over real quickly. How I set this all up, so first you’re gon na go into your devices. You can go to recently. Add it if you want and pick the trick tile is what the device is called hit quit and then you can see in your trap devices area, so you can pull it up. You can attach it to any wall, floor or ceiling that you want. Now, let’s go into the actual device, so once it’s attached to the wall, here’s what I did! I hit efore customize and then you can see all of your different options here. So some of the unique ones are the activation delay. So you can make it so you know it activates. After two seconds with mine, it was only 0.5 seconds, so that was a little shimmy. If you make it 2 seconds, it’ll kind of like flash and shimmy a little bit longer, you can make it so it’s triggered on player contact or through like another channel. You can change how the wall interacts when you touch it, so you can see the bounce and the color is what was changing when I triggered it before, but you can make it so only bounces or only changes, color or there’s nothing at all.

It just disappears. So now we’re into all of the different triggers that are really important, so this first one triggering the receiving from is, if you hit another trigger, then the wall will disappear. That this is attached to. This is the setting that I used for to like make the walls reappear, so it resets when receiving from channel one. You can make it so it enables when it’s receiving from a certain trigger, so once they run over a trigger, then they can go back and explode the walls, so this can make it so the wall before it seems like it’s impervious, but now that you’ve triggered Something or you’ve gone down a certain path. Now you can go back and the wall will disappear when you hit it. So there’s a lot of different like options with these different triggers that you can do you can even have it transmitted on a certain trigger. You can see that’s the one right here. Once someone has disabled that wall it will transmit on that trigger and trigger something else. So there’s lots of really cool things you can do with this device. So the important things that I did for this level was, I made the activation delay 0.5 seconds and then I said reset when receiving from channel 1, and then I set up all of these walls with that exact same setting, and then I just added a trigger Right here that when I hit it, it made all the walls reappear so that you could jump back over here. Is that simple? It’S a really simple setup, but now it’s a really unique level. That’S never been done before in for tonight.

Creative! Ok! Now, let’s take a look at the new tracker device and I set this really cool little Simon Says level. This is let’s just look at it. Ok, so here’s this little Simon, Says mini game that I set up so right here says my name is Simon. You must do what I say to continue so we’re gon na step on the trigger which activates the Simon Says game. You can see up above me, there’s a little tracker that says Simon, Says: tracker zero out of three. So let’s go over here. First, this Simon Says dance. So, let’s pick a dance to do here. Let’S do a little breakneck Bobo, but you’ll see at the top that there’s one out of three things done now. So then we can do Simon Says: touch the wall, we’ll touch the wall.

Oh look, there’s two out of three things and now says Simon Says: jump, oh it jumped and then look that wall disappears and we can go to the next room. So let me show you how I set all of this up. Ok, so this room is a little bit complicated, so bear with me, ok, so the first thing I did was pull out the new device. So you go to devices recently added and this is called the tracker device you hit equip and then I threw it out right here. So let’s go in and just look at some of the settings, so these settings can get a little bit complicated. So the first one is what’s add: are you checking you can check channels, you can check eliminations and how many times someone has been eliminated. You can track those things. So in my little mini game, I’ve tracking channel triggers the target value is what this device is tracking. So if it’s tracking your channel or eliminations or how many times you’ve been eliminated, it will track that target value. You can make it really high or really low, but for this one for my little minigame, I’m making it so three.

So that’s like the little thing that was up the top of the screen. It was tracking how many times something has happened to me. You can have it assigned on the game star or you can have it assigned when it’s activated from a certain trigger. In this case, I did it once it was activated from a certain trigger, can even share the values for your team or from everyone. That’S on the map, so when something is triggered or there’s an elimination or something the whole team is tracked, you can even do it to where it tracks like eliminations from certain weapons. So if you have ten rifle eliminations, it’s activated or whatever can also make it to win. The target has reached it ends the round or it doesn’t do anything or it completes the tracker. So I, in this case I have it saying complete tracker. So here’s where you can make it so it appears on your HUD or not. You can also change what the title says. So mindset Simon, Says tracker. You can make this eliminations or objectives obtained or whatever you want it to say up to 150 characters.

So that’s a lot actually, you can show the progress as the total or whatever is left, so it could be counting down. 3 2. 1. 1. 2. 3 kind of thing mine was showing the total. Ok, so now we’re down into the channels – and this is where I can kind of show you what I did set up this room. So this is the increment progress when we’re seeing from channel 3. So all of my objectives, the dancing, the jumping and the wall touching every time I did that it’s in a transmitted on channel 3, so that this was tracking whenever it received from channel 3. So when I did the three different things, then the final objective was activated, so the increment progress woman receiving from channel 3 is what was a really important setup that I have here next one. It was a sign when receiving from channel 4. So that was this trigger right here is when I stepped on it.

It has signed me to this tracker you’ll notice, before there was nothing up above my HUD, but once I stepped on that trigger the little HUD message appear and said you have to do mine three things to continue. Ok, these other channels. I did not use it all and then, when I completed it so right here says when completed transmitted on channel 2 and then so once I completed all three of these things, it transmitted on channel 2 and then this wall device, this new wall device activated or Triggered when receiving from channel 2 that’s kind of how I set up the end there. I also have a little sound mechanism here with a reward sound number 1, which activated and enabled when receiving from channel 2. So it was basically once this was done. The sound played, and then the wall blew up kind of thing. Let me show you this cool new setting on the mutator device, so the mutator device is, you can find it just in recently added you equip the mutaters own, throw it out and then in here there’s this awesome new setting that just came out today. That says on player: let’s see if you can see it on player, starts emoting trigger on channel 3 or on player stops emoting.

You can transmit on a channel as well. So that’s what I set up. That’S the only setting that I changed was that when they started moaning it transmits on channel 3, that’s why it was Simon, Says dance, so any ammo I would have chosen. There would have activated that, and then these are just very simple if you touched this trigger like touch the wall, it activated on channel 3 and then salmon says jump, you jump and hit the trigger and it transmitted on channel 3, which was being tracked right here. On the target value, and so once I did all three of those things it, it activated the wind condition, and now it opened that wall thanks for watching today. If you want to see my other how to use certain devices and how to build in creative mode, you can click right here to see all of my different videos on how to build new to the channel be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications. Otherwise, have an awesome day: