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Hey what is going on guys in this video today we’re gon na be going over how to win the authority every time in season 3. Based on the games I played so far, the authority has all the makings of the hot drop for season 3. It’S a mythic Pio I, which means it has a boss that drops crazy, lewd and a vault that drops more crazy lewd. It has a lot of chests and probably most importantly, it’s actually the most central spot on the entire map. So if you’re looking to get high kill or even just high action games, I think this is definitely your best bet and it’s where you’re gon na see me land and probably 90 plus percent of the game place.


I get this season now. The interesting thing about the authority is it’s very similar to the agency in some regards, but there are also a bunch of key differences and, honestly, I think in general, the authority is actually an upgrade over the agency, so we’re gon na talk about the differences between The old and new agency, the route I use, as well as some various tips to help you survive and conquer the PIO. I so without further ado. Let’S get right into it. Alright, so probably the biggest change with the authority is what happened to the boss. It’S no longer mightest dropping the super OPM if they drum gun.


It’S now, joules dropping a very, not OPM ethic drum gun, but she also drops a modified grappler in case you haven’t seen it in action. Yet if you remember back during season X, I believe when fortnight did the Batman, Gotham promo, it works pretty much the same way as the bat crap leur. It connects to things like a normal grappler, but then, when you hit the highest point of your grapple, it allows you to redeploy if you want. So it’s really just as good as the old mythic grappler for repositioning and fights and going from low to high ground without using any mats plus. It also gives you the bonus of covering long distances incredibly quickly with the redeploy feature. So it’s probably the single most important item in the entire game.


If you want to constantly get into fights and get a lot of kills, another big difference between the authority and the agency is actually the quality of loot in the henchman chest and the vault in the agency henchman chest. Definitely weren’t bad so to say, but a lot of the time they were pretty met, you’d frequently open one and get like a silenced, sniper, silenced, scar and decoy, grenades. Sure you’d get minis and Biggs from time to time, but you never really open one of those chests and go. Oh man, I’m absolutely stacked. Now the henchman chest and the authority, though, are a whole different story. I honestly think I’ve gotten a Shield item from every hansman chest. I’Ve opened so far this season.


It seems like every time you either get three minis six minis, four chug splashes or a combination of both, and not only is the amount of shield really good from these chests, but the weapons you get from them got a huge upgrade as well you’re, pretty much Guaranteed either a rapid fire, SMG or regular scar, and sometimes you’ll even get both. I kid you not. Yesterday I opened a henchman chest that gave me a gold scar, a purple, scar, three minis and to chug splashes. I mean that’s better than a lot of full vaults worth of loot from the old agency and speaking of the vault, since that contains multiple different henchman chests the loot in there obviously got a buff as well. It seems like you, get a lot more shield now and you’re pretty much guaranteed a scar too. Another important change with the authority is the weapons the henchman have and drop.


When you kill them in the agency, they mostly have either a silent, scar or minigun, but now it seems like the most common weapons are rapid-fire SMG, SP, 90s and regular ARS. So it’s important to note that if you keep your distance against a rapid fire or p90 henchman, they can’t really hurt you that much. But if you get up close, they can absolutely mail. You and trust me, I’m talking from experience here so now that you guys understand some of the key changes with the authority. Let’S sort of break down the opening route that I try to use in most games, keep in mind that, obviously you want to be willing to change your route depending on the position of enemies and various other factors. I’Ll take slightly different routes to chase, kills or lewd all the time, but this is probably the most ideal one in my opinion, so just like I used to do in the agency, I always land on the east side of the building. However, instead of landing towards the top, i instead land one floor above ground level. Now the spot i like to land at has a door that leads into the main building and then a red metal square right next to it that you can break and get a chest from.


However, the only time you ever want to go for that chest inside the metal square is, if you’re a hundred percent sure that nobody is landing near you and with how populated this place is most games. That’S not bound to happen very frequently. It takes about seven to eight pickaxe, swings to break the metal and get to the chest. So you just leave yourself a way to expose, while doing that. So my plan in most games is to ignore that, and once I land go straight through the door from there, you want to start going up. The staircase and you’ll immediately find a chest to loot once you’ve done that you want to continue going up the stairs until you reach the middle level. Where there’s a chest in front of you. This is a super common spawn spot for jewel. So you want to do a quick check for her first, if you see you’re, obviously killer, and if you don’t then quickly check the surrounding area for enemies and loot. The chest, if you didn’t, kill jewels from there, you want to go outside into the little room. Next to the reboot van and first loot, the chest, then a break down into the vault block off the turrets and kill the henchmen that spawns there.


Unlike other henchmen, this one specifically, is actually guaranteed to have and drop you a p90 once you eliminate him. That’S such an important part of this strategy, because even if you got unlucky with those first three chests you open you’re, now guaranteed a great close range weapon and that’s huge. Since the authority is pretty much all close-range fights, I’m sure we’ve all experienced plenty of deaths where you open two to three chests and only get snipers or pistols, so to get a guaranteed p90 plus three chests and roughly the first 45 seconds after landing is very Solid and that’s not even counting the possibility that you kill jewels, get the drum gun and grappler, so once you’ve done that very specific opening route, you now have a little bit of freedom, and this is where it’s really important to be aware of your surroundings, since I’M someone that likes to go for kills. My play in most games is to go back to the middle of the main building, probably climb the stairs for high ground and just sort of patrol the area.


If I see an enemy or hear gunshots or see, slash hear a hansman shooting at someone, I’m gon na look for an angle on them from high ground, and if I don’t have it I’ll, just straight I’ll push them, then once you’ve hopefully cleared out the middle Section of the building: that’s when you want to turn your focus to opening the vault. So if you haven’t killed jewels, yet now would obviously be the time she almost always spawns at or very near the middle plus. She gives off a very unique sound that will help you find her location as long as she’s relatively close and make sure, when you’re killing her, that you don’t get too close, because she can still melt you. Even though her drum gun is a lot worse than minuses, now, here’s a tip regarding the vault that a lot of players ignore and it ends up getting them kill, do not go into the vault. If you can hear an enemy anywhere nearby opening the vault makes a very distinct noise that can be heard from pretty far away and, unlike some of the other vaults in the game, there’s only one possible exit from the authority vault and that’s the entrance.


So what a good player is gon na do a few here’s you opening. It is way for you to go inside and then just sit on the stairs that leads down to the bunker and spray. If that happens, your only chance is to just turbo build a wall in the only spot. You can to protect yourself and then eventually just risk your game on a 50/50 AR Blum fight, but since the enemy has a way better angle than you, that’s still gon na be a fight that you lose probably 90 plus percent of the time. So if you’re solo only going when you know it’s clear and if you’re playing a team mode have at least one player sit outside the vault while the rest of your team loots it that way. If another team pushes they’ll mindlessly spray at the kids in the vault and then your teammate, who just stayed outside, can pick up 1 to 2 easy kills before they even realize. What’S HAP now, one main difference between my strategy at the authority and my strategy at the agency is that I’m much less likely to get suited up now. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but for some reason, when you get shot at or shoot someone else, while wearing a suit.


The animation where you get unsuited is so annoying. Now it’s like a giant white burst of light. That makes it almost impossible to see anything in front of you for a solid half. Second, another key difference is that I try to avoid the outskirts of the authority until I’m totally looted and ready to leave. There are a ton of henchmen out there that can laser you if they have a yars and also a lot of regular players, will just kinda loiter around the outside bunker area and just horaday in the main building and tag anyone they see.


So don’t expose yourself to any of those sight lines and try to stay inside the building as much as possible until you’re ready to go. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you watch the entire thing be sure to. Let me know with a comment down in the comment section below which town or pio I have you been landing at the most so far in Chapter two season 3. Is it the authority, like me or somewhere else, be sure to leave a like leave? A comment subscribe turn on post notifications. Do whatever the heck you want, and I will catch you guys next time.


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