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Investigate an anomaly detected in Lazy Lake – Fortnite Challenge Guide


Everest kanga here and this should be showing youhow to complete the challenge of investigating ananomaly detected in lazy lake, so first thingsfirst, you also want to land in lazy lake whichis found here on the map, your front, if you weren’talready aware and when it comes to this Buildinghere, this yellow building and then first thingsfirst. You just need to walk through the front doorand then at the top of the staircase you’ll findthis anomaly and that’s the butterflies that’sthe first part of the champion is actually findingthis butterfly and then by chasing it down to thebasement. Okay, you’re gon na go through this wallas. Well apparently, but the idea is you followthis butterfly, it’s gon na lead, you, okay, so thenonce you get here! You’Re gon na face this littlepuzzle.

First, you get this one that red one thenyou go around to the other side. Get the purple onethen you get this one on the side here, thisblue one and then lastly, you get the greensquare one like that, and then that should itpop this up and then you interact with thatand. Then that’ll complete the challengeinvestigate, an anomaly detected in a lazy lakeif. You guys have more questions about thischallenge, feel free to comment this downbelow and under map, and i’ll do my bestto get back to when that. If you found thisvideo useful make sure to leave a like subscribecomment share, all those things tell me massivelyif.

You want to support me as a trader that’sgoing to go to kanga and the founder, adam shopotherwise. So that’s it for me for nowand. I will see you all next time see ya.

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