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Investigate an anomaly detected in Stealthy Stronghold – Fortnite Challenge Guide


Hey everyone, it’s kanga here and this willbe showing you how to complete the challengeof investigating an anomaly in southeaststrongholds. If it can say there was a ballbehind me before, but if you come right hereto this location within salty strongholdsthat’s going to be right there, just likesoutheast of the d of southeast strongholdsis, that’s where the butterfly’s firstgoing to appear. You saw it there beforeand. Then it’s going to head in this directionso now you just have to follow it. This wayas, you can see here each time you catchup with it it’ll just keep moving forwardyou just have to follow up for about 10, 20 30seconds or so, and then it’s eventually gonnareach its destination just west of here and yeahit sounds pretty simple.

You just have to followit around and then it’s almost like the dig, upgnomes challenge it’s going to go into the groundmake a little hole you pick actually once theanomaly will pop up and then all you have to dois interact with it so you’ll see here. Littlehole is going to pop up big axe at once. Theanomaly is going to pop up. You don’t even have tointeract with just pick accident and then that isgoing to get that challenge done so that is howyou, investigate and normally detected and selfiestrong holds and yeah. If you guys did find thisvideo useful make sure to leave a like subscribecomment share, all those things come outmassively.

If you have any more questions, aboutthis challenge or anything else in this seasonof fortnite feel free to comment down below andmy best get back to when that yeah. If you want tospot magic trader, that’s going to go to kanga, andthe final item shop. Otherwise, though, that’s itfor me for now and i’ll see you next time see ya.

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