Investigate an anomaly detected in Weeping Woods – Fortnite Challenge Guide


Hey everyone it’s kang here and this will beshowing you how to complete the challenge. Ofinvestigating an anomaly detected in a weepingwoods and, as you can see there, that is where thebutterfly is going to appear. So if you come tothis spire here and weeping, wisdom is in the mapso here and then just north east of that this iswhere, the butterfly, is going to appear now whenyou approach it you’re gon na have to follow itagain. I, like the stealthy stronghold one and thisis just gon na. Take you south east.

I might actuallytake you to the top of the spire to be honestlet’s, see where yep so you’re gon na begoing to the top of the spire howeveryou have to actually get it from down therefirst. Otherwise this isn’t going to workso. You follow it up to the top and then once youget here it is going to go up into the sky. Andyou have to get up to that. So you’re gon na haveto build a little bit.

It’S literally just tworamps only to do and then go up interact. Withthe anomaly and then just like that that’s howyou, investigate and normally detected in weepingwoods. That’S gon na unlock you that top left stylebut yeah, if you guys have any more questionsabout this challenge or anything else thisseason at fortnight, feel free to comment thosedown below i’ll. Do my best get back from that ifyou found this video useful, make sure to leave alike. Subscribe comment share all those things outthere massively.

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