Investigate an anomaly detected near Catty Corner – Fortnite Challenge Guide


Everyone is coming here, and this should beshowing you how to quickly complete the challengeinvestigate. An anomaly detected near caddy cornernow. It’S not within caddy corner itself, insteadit’s going to be down here near the bunkerthe. Only thing you’re going to need that’snot right down there, for you is a weapon you canfind some in that little building there up herethose are probably the two main places. Youjust need any weapon, really anything that canshoot just a single shot.

Even a bow is goingto, be fine and then you’ll find that rightthere little butterfly’s going to spawn if youfollow that butterfly that’ll lead you to thismysterious volts and right behind. You can seethere, there’s the anomaly, so you have to explodethe door first, so you can just pick up one ofthese boom barrels here, throw that next to thedoor like so and then, if you just set thatoff with anything, that’ll explode and thenyou can open it and interact With it normallylike, so that’s how you investigate an anomalydetected near caddy corner, if you guys have anyquestions about this challenge or anything elseor, just the fauna, this season feel free to commentdown below and i’ll. Do my best get back to on thatif. You found this video useful make sure to leavea like subscribe. Comment share all those thingshelp me out massively.

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