Investigate an anomaly detected on Shark Island – Fortnite Challenge Guide


Everest kanga here and this will be showing youhow to complete the challenge of investigatingan anomaly detected at shark island, so firstoff you’re going to shark island which isup here on the northwest part of the map youwant to come to this area. Where i am as soonas. You come in here, this butterfly is going toappear and you have to go to these things. Herei think it’s asking me to go to that onefirst. Actually, i think you just got ta waitso.

It’S just disappeared. Okay, so that’s all youhave to do. You have to wait here, wait for thebutterfly to do whatever the heck you want to callthat, and then you have to like stand right, nextto, each one of these little whatever these thingsare so you’ll see. I stand next to this one crouchand, then this one up here. So you gotto do the action that each one showsit’s what it appears like i’ve seen my so i canactually get into this one.

Then this one heresays dance, then if i do a dance that is goingto work, so you have to complete the posesi think there could be one more somewherebecause: it’s not completing the challenge. Okay, so that just appeared there. So afteryou’ve done all those three. If you waita little bit, this butterfly should appearup here, then you just have to go up to itcollect anomaly and then that’ll complete thatchallenge, so yeah that’s investigating normallydetected on shark island. Again you have togo to those three things there perform eachaction.

I missed what that one was. I think it wasjust standing there or maybe running or jumpingbut. You can see the action that that one wasthen that one was crouching and then that onewas emoting and then i waited like 20 30 secondsthe anomaly appeared right here. Maybe if you runtowards it that’s when it appears, but yeah ifyou have any more questions about this challengeor. Anything else raiders at fortnight feel free, tocomment down below and we best get back to on thatif.

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