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Leave an IO car at an alien settlement – Fortnite Locations


Hey bullets kanga here and in this we’ll be showing you how to complete the week 13. Legendary quest, as you can see here, leave an i o car at an alien settlement and the alien settlement is going to be right there at holy hatchery. Now there are three places you can get: io cars that are going to be nearby towards holy hatchery. It’S going to be this io base here you can try, you go to this io base or you can go to this io base as well. Now, i’m not 100 sure on this.

You can also check out this place here. I believe they have a chance to spawn in io car, although that i’m only like 50 drawn, whereas there is a hundred percent going to be. I o cards at this place. Every single time – and they should have enough fuel to get you there and only hatchery in about 30 seconds 40 seconds – a minute tops anyway, so you can see it right here is going to be these two. I o cars.

If you can choose one of the most fuel 45 and 43, i’m not basically great, but you guys will be able to see now if um 45 fuel is gon na get you all the way there, so you can see. Holly hatchery is going to be just over here and it’s going to be the alien settlement. We have to make our way over to four of the five challenges this week, the one after this one is going to be to deploy pallets with cat food around the. I o base again as per usual. Let me turn off the radio again.

As per usual, i will have a video up on how to complete that challenge as well, and it looks like the 45 fuel is going to be plenty even anything over 30 fuel. Out of those two io cars is going to be enough to get you over the road and then as soon as you get in towards holly hatchery, the challenge will complete. So you will see shortly here as soon as i get inside this area in a second now, maybe you have to get inside definitely get out. Okay, you have to get out of the car because you have to leave an i o car at an alien settlement to leave the car, and that is going to complete the challenge. If you guys do have any more questions about this challenge.

Comment down below and i’ll do my best to get back to in that. Otherwise, though, that’s it for me for now, and i will see you all next time see ya

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