Place alien light communication device on mountain tops – Fortnite Challenge Guide


Hey everyone, it’s kanga here and this will beshowing you how to complete the challenge. Replacealien light communication device on mountaintopsnow. You just want to be heading towards the snowcovered mountains around the south east sideof, the map. You can see all the way down hereall these mountains with snow on top of themthis is where you can place these differentalien light communication devices and see herethere are four of them lined up here on the mapand. This mountain specifically, is the onehere with the cabin on top of it southwest ofmessi meadows.

You can see right here, the aliendevices, then, if you go straight across to thenext mountain on top, there’s actually more aliendevices up here. So again, you have to come up, herethen place them and, as you just make your wayaround all these mountains, you’ll just find themsomewhere across them a little bit hard to seein the storm here. But you can see this is theone next to the caddy corner and right thereis, the device still on top of the mountainand then same thing for the one near retailrow. You can see your retail rose down, herethen south east of that on top of this hill iswhere. This device is but yeah, that’s it for thisvideo.

If you guys have any more questions. Onhow to complete this challenge or place, alienlight communication devices feel free to commentdown below and do my best to get back to that. Ifyou found this video useful at all make sure toleave a like subscribe comment share all the bestthings help me out massively and if you’re gonnasupport me as a creator, that’s gon na go kanga andfind out item shop. Otherwise, though, that’s gonnabe it for me for now – and i will see you next time –

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