Place warning signs – Fortnite Locations


Hey everyone, it’s kanga here and in this video we’ll be showing you how to complete the week 14 led to no requests to place warning signs. You can do this in a few different locations in the map, as you can see here, but where i recommend you go to is dirty dogs, because this is the only place that has all four in one location. So you can start off at this one right here in this part of dirty docks, as you can see here, place warning sign just like that. Then you’ve got that warning sign right there and the next one just follow you can already see. I don’t think i can mark it, but you can see right there that blue glowing sign.

That’S gon na, be the second one we’re heading towards. So just like the last one go up to it and press whatever button. It tells you to press and it’s gon na, be the same one that used to open a chest, so you can see right there that it’s gon na be two out of the four done. Then the next one is going to be right up next to this building. You can see once i get up here shortly.

There is three out of the four, so you go up to it like so place that one and then the last one is a little bit further on just on the other side of this building, which i’ll show you in the background now. That’S it for this video, if you guys do have any more questions about this challenge, comment down below and i’ll do my best to get back to when that. Otherwise, though, that’s it for me for now – and i will see you next time – see ya

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