Place welcome signs in Pleasant Park and Lazy Lake – Fortnite Challenge Guide


Hey everyone, it’s kanga here and this willbe, showing you how to complete the challengeto place, welcome signs in pleasant, parkand lazy lake. Now, if you look in replaymode before this challenge, is releasedyou’ll see these little blue holograms hereand. This is where the welcome signs are goingto, be so right. Now, i’m in pleasant park whichif you weren’t already aware it’s going to be hereon the map in the northwest area and to completethis round. You have to place four welcome signsas you can see here.

If you come in on this, sideyou’ve got one on your right here. Then one moreon, your left, and if you just keep on followingthe main road around, you will come across moreof these, for example, you can see another onehere in front of this brick house. There’S anotherone here at this entry to pleasant park there’sone in the center next to this barbecue butyeah, that was five different locations for thewelcome signs within pleasant park and i’ll headon over now to lazy lake and show you a few. Moreover, in lazy lake is going to be the samesort of thing lazy like it’s here on the mapso in game. These aren’t gon na be blue, like thisi, don’t believe they might be i’ll, just tellwhat color they are, but before they appear ingame and replay mode, they always look like thisblue or yellow some sort of hologram.

You can seeright here, we’ve got one, then. If again, if you justfollow the road around, you can see, there’s anotherone here on the grass there’s a third one herenext to this house and near the river and there’sthe third welcome sign author, then lazy lake isgoing to be near the pool. We’Ve got the pool. Hereand lazy lake and then just to the right of thatit’s going to be this fourth welcome sign and thenlast, but not least, if you head to the massive lakewest of lazy lake you can see here is where thefifth and final welcome sight. Now lazy lake isthat’s gon na be for this video.

If you guys haveany more questions about this challenge, feel freeto comment down below and i’ll do my best to getback to when that. If you found this video usefulat all make sure to leave a like subscribe. Commentshare, all of those things help me out massivelyand. If you want to support me as a creator that’sgoing to go to kanga and the phone at item. Shopotherwise, though that’s going to be it for mefor now, and i will see you next time see ya.

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