Scan a server at a Surface Hub – Fortnite Challenge Guide


Hey everyone, it’s kanga here and this will beshowing you how to complete the challenge. Ofscan a server at a surface hub. You only have to dothis challenge once, but there are a few differentlocations and i’ll be showing you multiple, inthis, video. So the first one you want to landat this building here and stealthy strongholdsthat’s going to be right if you zoom in basicallyright on the d of zelda stronghold and if youcome to the bottom floor of this building, hereyou find this little crack in the side and thenyou. Just want to be going down the stairs herethen when you come down.

Those stairs come downthis, says here and then through this doorwayon, the left is where you’ll find a server righthere. It looks a bit weird in game. Right now, butyou saw the shot of replay mode. There, what it’lllook like, then you just go up to the server hereinteract with it. The bottom will pop up on yourscreen, and then you just scan it very easilysecond.

Location for this challenge is going tobe at hunter’s haven. You want to come to thissurface hub down here. So that’s hunter’s haven upthere! You just want to come down the hill and theninto this service hub. It’S like the last one youwant to start off by going down the stairs herethen once you reach the bottom of those youactually want to go up the stairs again.

This time, and then right here will be the second surfaceup. So again you just have to go up to it. Theinteract button will pop up and you haveto press that button to scan the serverand. Then last but not least, we’ve got the color cand the color scheme. If you weren’t, already awarecan be found there on the map north east of thezero point, if you come to this main entrance hereand, then if you just jump down hereright underneath it you’ll find this gatebreak through this and then likenormal.

We go down these stairs this time. You want to come through thisvent here when you see it on the right and then this doorway on the left will actuallyhave two servers but yeah, just like the ones youwant to go up to it and then press the scanbutton that will pop up and that’s what Youhave to do with this challenge, if you guyshave any more questions about this challengeor anything else, what is it fortnite feelfree to comment that down below it was mybest to get back to on that? If you did findthis video useful at all make sure to leavea like subscribe. Comment share all thosethings help me out massively. If you wantto support me as a curator, that’s goingto be code, kanga and the 400 item shopotherwise.

So that’s it for me for nowand. I will see you all next time see ya.

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