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Shut down power to radar dishes – Fortnite Locations


Hey everyone, it’s kanga here and in this video i’ll, be showing you how to complete the week 14 legendary quest shut down power to radar dishes so where i recommend you land for this, it’s going to be first at this radar dish and then that second, one Over there – and you can try and do this both in one game as well. These two are basically the closest to satellite dish, bases together and this one’s up on a hill a little bit, so the launch pad from this one will get you closer to that. One and you can use some of the effects from around corning complex as well, but anyway, this one’s going to be quite easy to find where you need to go. Just look for the giant red glowing light it’s going to be on top of each of the satellite ditches and then, when you head to the base, there you’ll find a lever that you have to pull on and that is going to shut down the power to The radar dishes, so you can already see it, sort of glowing there down the bottom. This is going to be the like how you shut it down so i’ll just go up to this one like so, you can see this shut down radar dish, bang just like that one out of two.

Now, i’m not going to show you the whole time of me making my way over to the second one, but the second location is going to be over there and it’s going to be the same thing just go towards the bottom of the giant red light. You can see all the way over there and then on one of the four sides at the bottom of that radar dish. There’S going to be a lever to pull on pull that lever. Just like you saw me do and again that is going to complete this challenge, so here is going to be the second saddle edition again at the bottom. Look for this thing: shut down, radar, dish open it, and then that is going to complete the challenge.

If you guys have any more questions about this challenge, comment down below and my best to get back to or not otherwise there that’s it for me for now, and i will see you next time see ya.

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