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Spoil the Mole’s Sabotage Attempt – Fortnite Locations


Hey everybody here and in this video we’ll be showing you how to complete the week 14 legendary quest to spoil the moles sabotage attempt to do this challenge. As you can see here, you have to land within corny, complex and on the map. It is going to be right around here. That’S not the exact location, it’s not quite the exact location that market, but it’s going to be in this general area here, so i’m going to land down here in a second and then show you exactly where you need to go and exactly what you need to Do but it should be pretty self-explanatory, so you can see here under me already where i’ve landed. That’S going to be what you have to disarm.

So come to this exact location, this bottom right, islands floating island in the south east of corney complex. Then you can see under it right here. This is the one you have to disable to go up to this disabled countermeasure, like you, can see there and then just like that. That’S all you have to do to complete this challenge. If you guys have any more questions about this challenge, comment down below and i’ll investigate back to in that.

Otherwise, though, that’s it for me for now, and i will see you all next time –

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