The BEST Controller Fortnite Equipment According To Pros! (Fortnite Tips PS4 + Xbox)


Hey what is going on guys in this video today we’re going to be taking an in-depth look at the peripherals used by the top controller fortnite players in the world and to be a bit more specific here, we’re going to be looking at the controller model. They use whether or not they use control freaks, whether they play claw or instead use paddles. What headset they use and even the brand of monitor they use questions about controller gaming equipment are some of the most common ones. I see people ask me and a bunch of other players as well, so clearly, this is a pretty major topic of interest and i believe that when it comes to stuff like this, it’s a better idea to take a look at what a bunch of players use To try to find some kind of consensus instead of just trusting what one specific person uses, and i think this is a really good video to make now, because over the next few months, with the release of next-gen consoles, a lot of people are going to be Making changes to their setup, so hopefully this video can guide you guys in the right direction. If you’re one of those people we’re going to be taking a look at about 10 to 30 controller pros in general, i’ll quickly, flash some of the names on the screen. Just so you get a brief idea of who’s included and without further ado, let’s get right into it all right.

So the first thing i want to take a look at in this video is the specific controller used by these top players. As i’m sure you guys all know if you’ve ever looked into it, there are a lot of options when it comes to higher end ps4 and xbox controllers and i’m sure pretty much as soon as the series x and ps5 are released to the public you’re gon Na see, scuff make a controller for both platforms. They’Ll probably be some kind of xbox elite. Maybe ps5 will have their own exclusive controller. So this should not only give you an idea of the best controllers for current gen, but it’d also be a nice little preview of which controllers are likely to be the best for next gen as well. So in total, 28 players were included in this, but i want to break it up instead into xbox and ps4 and i’ll explain why in a second so there are 19 playstation controller users and nine xbox controller users, so we’re gon na start with the ps4 players And you’re gon na see a bit more variety here, since there isn’t a higher end controller made directly by sony like there is on xbox with the elite. So out of the 19 players, nine of them use the default dual shot controller, but just keep in mind. That’S because a lot of them play claw. Six of them use the scuff impact, two of them use the astro c40 controller and then one player each uses.

The scuff vantage 2 and the scuf prestige so other than the slight outlier of the astro c40. Here’S my main takeaway from this pretty much if you’re a ps4 player and you play claw – just stick with the regular dual shock controller. But if you want to get a premium controller with paddles, which is obviously very helpful for fortnite, it seems like your best bet is going to be the scuff, and it also seems like the most popular model. Among the top pros is the scuff impact when it comes to the nine xbox players, though, it’s pretty crazy how little variation there is out of the nine players, seven of them use the xbox elite controller and just to be a bit more specific, four use the Elite series one and three use the elite series: two then one player uses the regular xbox controller, obviously a claw player and finally, one player uses the scuff prestige, which don’t quote me on this, but i believe is the most popular model for xbox, specifically, so when It comes to the premium controllers on xbox. It seems like the pros are pretty clear, with their choice: they’re going to take the xbox a lead over a scoff, pretty much every single time.

Our next piece of controller equipment that i want to take a look at is control freaks and sadly, this info was a bit hard to find, so the sample size isn’t huge at only 14 players, but you’ll see from the results that there is a pretty conclusive Consensus among the top controller pros so out of the 14 i looked at 12 of them used no control freaks, one player used the cqc control freaks and then one player used something called scuf sticks, which i believe is like scuffs built-in version of control freaks. So i think your takeaway from this should be pretty obvious. It seems, like the top players feel like control freaks, either don’t help or even worse, that they may even hurt you in fortnite because they make it a bit harder to do. Super quick flicky movements, while building or editing, i did expect the majority of these players to not use them, but i definitely didn’t expect it to be that unanimous.

The next thing i want to take a look at in this video is how many players play claw versus non-claw and then for the non-claw players, how many paddles they use, if any so we’re taking a look at the same sample of 28 players. As we looked at with the controllers – and here are the results so first off we’ll start with the claw players and out of the 28, there were 13, which is actually pretty high compared to what i was expecting and to break it down a bit further. Eight of those 13 players just play right hand claw, while five of them play double claw. I don’t play claws, so i don’t know if that’s surprising or anything, but there you go then for the non-claw players, two of the 15 play non-claw with no paddles and then here’s the breakdown of the 13 non-claw players who do use paddles three of them use. One paddle five of them use two paddles and then five of them use four paddles.

So at least for me, this is pretty much in line with what i was expecting. I still haven’t found a single player that uses three paddles yet, which i find kind of funny, but then other than that one two and four paddles all seem to be somewhat close to equal in terms of usage among the best players. Now we’re gon na go over the headsets used by the top controller players and since most of these guys, obviously play controller on pc. I can’t say with a hundred percent certainty that all of these headsets are compatible with console, but i believe that most of the main ones are, and that makes sense, because most of these pros did come from console. So they’d probably want to use the same brand or specific model of headset that they always have.

So i found the headsets used by 17. Top controller players total and here are the results and i think you’ll be pretty surprised by the amount of diversity here. So the most popular headset with six users was the astro a40. Then three players use the hyperx cloud: headset two players: each use: the steelseries arctis pro buyer dynamic, dt pro 1990 and the logitech g pro x. Then one player each use the turtle beach elite pro and the victrix pro af so, like i said, i’m not a guy, that’s huge into headsets, but my takeaway from these results is basically this. It seems like the most popular headset. Among the controller pros. Are the asteroid 40s, but then, after that, it’s pretty much a total watch, there’s about six to seven other headsets that all seem to be viable. So i don’t really think you can go wrong here as long as you stick with any of them and in general, i’ve always thought that top tier headsets are kind of overrated for fortnite. Specifically.

The next thing i want to cover is the monitor brand used by top level controller players. Originally, i was going to share the specific monitor models they used, but i decided against that for one main reason, since they all play on pc and can get 200 plus fps they’re all going to be using 240 hertz monitors. But if you play on console – which i know most of you guys do even on nextgen you’re only going to need a 144 hertz monitor, so it would be a pretty major waste of money to just copy the pros and get the exact monitor. They have. So again a sample size of 18 players and hear the results. Nine of the players use an alienware, monitor.

Six of the players, use an asus monitor and then the final three use a benq monitor. So definitely some good information to know if you’re a console player. Looking for a new monitor, which you’re going to need to do if you want the full benefits of the increased fps on next gen fortnight, so i hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you watch the entire thing be sure to. Let me know if a comment down in the comment section below name me: one specific piece of gaming equipment that you use it can be your controller headset, monitor, control, freaks. Anything you want be sure to leave a like leave. A comment subscribe turn on post notifications. Do whatever the heck you want, and i will catch you guys next time,

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