The Full Guide To Getting 120 FPS On Next Gen Fortnite! (Fortnite PS4/PS5 + Xbox)


Hey what is going on guys in this video today. We’Re gon na be doing a guide on next-gen gaming hardware and specifically taking a look at what you’re gon na need to get 120 fps on next-gen fortnight. Ever since the new 120fps mode was added into the game, i’ve seen a lot of people say things like bro. I got a next-gen console, but it doesn’t allow me to use 120fps mode. What do i need for that to be an option and i get it if you don’t really understand certain aspects of gaming technology, it can be pretty confusing. So my hope is that this video will be able to help, but we’re also going to talk about the other types of gaming accessories, such as controllers and headsets, because i’ve also seen a lot of people confused about what will work on next gen. What won’t will they have to go out and buy some new headset or something, and that part can be extra confusing, because it’s actually kind of different, depending on whether you have a ps5 or xbox series x, slash s. So i think this video will be helpful.

Whether you already have a next-gen console or if you’re just planning to get one in the future so without further ado, let’s get right into it, alright, so the first thing i want to talk about in this video is what monitor you want for next-gen, fortnite and Probably for next-gen gaming in general, so when you’re looking for a monitor, there’s three to four things you should be looking for and in order of importance, they go like this. You want it to be at least 120 hertz. You basically need it to be at least 1080p, but i can’t imagine that there are many 120 plus hertz monitors that aren’t at least 1080p, so that one should be a bit of a layup. You want as low of a response time as possible. Ideally one millisecond, and finally, you probably want it to be between about 24 and 30 or 32 inches, so starting with the 120 hertz part, this one is easily the most important. This is a bit of an oversimplified explanation, but 120 hertz basically represents the max fps that you can get while playing a game.

So since every next-gen game is capped at 120 fps maximum 120 hertz is really all you’re gon na need. I’Ve seen some people wonder if there’s any difference between 120 and 144 hertz, and the answer to that is basically no but 144 hertz monitors are way more common than 120 hertz monitors and don’t really impact the price much at all, so 120 or 144 is fine And the difference is minuscule now when it comes to display resolution. The interesting thing you’re gon na have to decide between is getting a 1080 or 1440p monitor. That is unless you’re on xbox series s, because that caps out at 1080p, so there’s really no reason to go for 1440, if you’re mainly playing fortnite but using fortnite as an example for the xbox series x or ps5, it runs 120 fps at 1440p quality. So the game will look a little nicer on a 1440 monitor versus a 1080 monitor. Now, how big of a difference are we talking?

Well, it really depends on the person. Some people say that going from 1080 to 1440 is very noticeable. Other people say it’s a little noticeable, but definitely not a huge deal unless you’re playing a game where graphics are really part of the appeal. You can just search 1080p versus 1440 into youtube and you’ll find a bunch of videos that show a side by side. In certain games, so you can sort of compare the difference yourself, but just be warned since youtube compresses, the bitrate of videos. The difference will be a little less pronounced than it would be in real life.

Now. The reason why this decision is so important is because 1080 versus 1440p is gon na, be the biggest factor that changes the price of a monitor. You can get a pretty darn nice, 120 hertz 1080p. One millisecond response time monitor for right around 200 to 250 dollars. If you maybe shop around a little and find some deals, but when you change that to 120 hertz 1440p, one millisecond response time it’s hard to find anything from a real main brand for under around 350 to 400. So, at least in my opinion, it probably isn’t worth the extra cost just for slightly better graphics, but at the end of the day, that’s going to be your choice to make and then the final two factors which i haven’t discussed yet are response time and monitor Size, but for the most part, those are fairly self-explanatory.

If you get a four or five millisecond response time monitor, things are just going to feel extra delayed on your screen and when it comes to a game like fortnite, where the input delay with controller is already a pretty major problem. I wouldn’t want to add to that, which is why i’d make sure to get one millisecond response time. So as long as you check the 120 hertz and 1080p boxes, you’ll be able to play any game, including fortnite, at either 120 fps at 1080p or 60fps at 4k. Just make sure that when you do eventually get your monitor that you set your console to 120 hertz as well, or else it obviously won’t matter what the monitor is at so now that we covered that. The next thing i want to discuss are the other gaming accessories and how they’re affected by next gen, starting with controllers. I’Ve talked about this in-depth before so i’ll. Only just quickly recap it now: on the xbox side of things you can use any previous model of xbox one controller for any game on the xbox series x, slash s.

Microsoft did a great job with that. So you have nothing to worry about on that front whatsoever with ps5, though sony definitely dropped the ball. You can only use ps4 controllers on ps5 if you’re playing the ps4 backwards compatible version of a game now, unfortunately using fortnite as an example, since they made a new version just for next gen, you can’t use any type of ps4 controller while playing it, and obviously You won’t be able to use the ps4 controller on any new games made for ps5 either. This creates a lot of problems, especially for people that use paddles on their controller since sony scuff and strike pack have nothing that gives you paddles on a ps5 controller.

So as of right now, that’s a major issue that a lot of people are going to have to deal with and sadly there really isn’t a simple fix. Yet the other question mark that a lot of people have is with headsets on next gen and again this scenario, where there’s a slight difference between the two consoles. First off: let’s talk about the ps5 and i’ll, just read an excerpt from a website that sums up the situation pretty well, it goes. The headset side of things is dependent on a few factors. First up, if you’re, using a wired headset that connects via the 3.5 mm port to your controller, your headset will absolutely work with the ps5 you’ll, disconnect it with the same port on your new dual sense controller and be away. That should be good news for many people.

However, if you’ve got a wireless headset, things get a little more patchy overall, there’s still a really good chance that your headset should work for the ps5. If it works on ps4, most likely you’ll need to unplug your dongle and stick it into the new console to move over. This will depend on your make and model, though, and various manufacturers are now giving details of which headsets they know will work, which ones need firmware, updates via pc to continue working or any.

That will no longer be able to connect. The last label should likely only apply to older headsets not made in the last couple of years and for the xbox side of things again, it’s a little bit more simple. Microsoft has confirmed that all previous accessories will carry forward from the xbox one to the next gen series x, slash s. This includes everything from headsets. Usb storage drives mice and keyboards, webcams and controllers. So, for the most part, it does seem like no matter what platform you’re on your headset should most likely carry over, and the reason why that’s good news is because it gives you a really nice variety to choose between.

Since you can buy older models and know. They’Ll still work on nextgen, so i hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you watch the entire thing be sure to, let me know with a comment down in the comment section below i want to know: do you already have a 120 plus hertz monitor or You rock in with something below that be sure to leave a like leave. A comment subscribe turn on post notifications. Do whatever the heck you want, and i will catch you guys next time.

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