The ONLY Way To Get Free V-Bucks (Beginner’s Guide) – Fortnite Save The World


All right, what’s going on YouTube penguinzomby here, back with a quick video and today we’re looking at the only ways you can earn v bucks in fortnight, the only absolute only ways I just want to make this video, because a lot of people have been asking – and I don’t want anyone to get scams or get hacked, or anything like that so anyway, starting off the video with number one. The best way to earn v bucks passively is by logging in you, literally, don’t even have to play so just logging into the game. If you have, it will give you your word for that day and, as you can see, my next upcoming V but V buck reward is on day 252 and we are on day 247, so we’re getting pretty close, but that’s 300 V bucks right here. You can see our next week day. 52 59 is gon na beat 150 bucks, so you’re gon na get minimum every week 150, and there are ways you can look at that.

So right here, you can see most notably day. 112 gives you eight hundred and day. Two 24 gives you 800, but our next major reward is gon na be day 336, which is the big thousand v bucks insane. So that’s the first way you can do it just by logging in super passive. All the links I share in the video will be put in the description. So don’t worry, but that being said, let’s move on to number two now number two is daily quests and this you get one daily quest per day. It gives you V bucks and a hundred daily coins that you can use in the store, but you can replace these daily quests just like in Battle Royale. If you don’t like the one that you have, but this will give you a certain amount of you bucks.

Every single day and there’s, you know, there’s only a limited number of daily quests available, so it’s gon na be you know repeating the same ones over and over throughout your playthrough of the game, but the next we can do it next. We can earn free v. Books is through storm shields. Alright, so so I’ve already finished all my storm shields, but you can see since they just added the candy valley act to I just completed this quest last night. Didn’T do it, but since I already had it done, I got the few books anyway, so 100 view bucks from doing your storm shield, which I did a long time ago got B bucks for that, so we’re being double compensated, which is pretty cool for all us. Older players, but storm shields are another way you can earn v bucks and they fall into the category of challenges. Now I don’t have any challenges. I’Ve already completed all mine.

Well, you can look s. Certain websites can show you now challenges, encompass mission, complete X, amount of missions, completely X, amount of storm shields and then toxic treasures which are destroying mimics, and all of these challenges go up to stage 20. So you can do all these view about Commission’s up until stage 20 and just grind out a bunch of ebooks super awesome. This says: earn a total of 2,600 v bucks over time just from challenges. Obviously I don’t know if that’s true, it probably is it’s on this website, but moving on our next way, you can earn freebie books is from mission alerts, okay. So what that means is that when I go to the map right here, well, actually, first there’s multiple websites that can track this.

But you want to go to your mission finder website right. You can either use free the view books or Fortnight dB, there’s plenty of them out there plenty of free apps too, but as you can see, we can see all of our mission alerts, roars and then our four player mission rewards so super awesome websites that help You out, but, as you can see, plan cartoon, we have some fee bucks in plank or 10:30 same with this. You know this website to tell you everything too so and it’s a powerful 19 zone so we’re gon na go back to our map. Go to plan curtain and then it’s gon na be right here cuz. I just found this out before alright, but, as you can see right here now, this timer is an alert. A lot of people are confused about this.

This means it’s an alert right when there’s a storm when there’s purple stuff around it. That means it’s a elemental storm like a storm alert, so the alerts and then storm alerts are two different things. And then you have the four player alerts which are like called mega alerts, and so those three things are all have different cooldown timers, so the V books are always going to be the most basic ones and you can actually check out those V books. Here we go and your storm shield one you can type in your own name right here in stats, and it will show you all of your cooldowns super-awesome website to use these all the time. This is where people can see your schematics, your hero, layouts here, and you know your survivor squads, but so we have a few alert cooldown. So this is what you want to use from view books right here this right here.

This is for the purple stuff. This is for the four player missions. You get a set, a certain amount of alerts per day, and then they just cool down. So that’s all that means, and now the way, an old way you could do you see, use or used to earn VIII. Bucks was from through your collection book now they took out fee books from the collection book in the most recent update and replaces it with Reaper canned / cups. So you cannot give you books from the collection book anymore, unfortunately, but anyway, so that’s gon na be about it for the video guys. Those are all the ways you can earn free v books in fortnight. It’S all gon na be through save the world now. Lastly, we can show you some of these YouTube scams.

That’S been going on. These people will will just you know just spam. These. These new accounts will just spam, these stupid titles, with these fake videos and yeah. Obviously, if you go to any of these, it’s gon na be some random letters and then, of course, no subs, because it’s brand new and then just spamming, these hacks spams, you know all this stuff, and so we can just click on this one and its gon Na be the guy holding a phone in front of the computer and basically what it does because I went through all of them or I went through.

You know some of these and it’ll. Take you. If it doesn’t hack you it’ll either. Take you to a survey link that it requires you to complete a survey before getting your freebie books, which is how they earn money. So this is all fake, none of its real, obviously, but this stuff is being plagues all over YouTube and with these new accounts being generated every hour, you can type in free free v. Bucks for tonight set the filter to be. You know last hour uploaded and you can see the plethora of scamming going on, but anyway I just want to highlight that at the end of this video and that’s gon na, be it hope you guys can catch me. My one of my save the world live streams or, if not I’ll, see you guys in my next video thanks for watching