Let’s go beyond the legendary Fortnite skins. Here are some of the rarest Fortnite skins around. The Reaper The Reaper is the crown jewel of Season 3’s Hired Gun set, which just so happened to resemble Keanu Reeves’ character, John Wick, the infamous assassin with a soft spot for puppies. The Season 3 Battle Pass Announcement came complete with The Reaper skin jumping from an explosion, machine gun in hand. “Yeah. I’m thinkin’ I’m back!” Recon Expert When Battle Royale debuted, players didn’t appreciate all the skins that were available.

One such example from season 1 is possibly the rarest in the game: the Recon Expert. Outwardly, she’s not too interesting, and didn’t seem worth the initial 1,200 V-Bucks cost. But her rarity is directly connected to the lackluster look, since no one bought the skin before it disappeared from the shop. Aerial Assault Trooper Another Season 1 throwback, the Aerial Assault Trooper was one of the first skins available in Battle Royale, so only players who first joined the game’s hype train had access to it. Again, players missed out on the Aerial Assault Trooper because of its lack of flash.

Despite not being one of the most exciting skins, this one definitely has the power of nostalgia behind it. Renegade Raider Renegade Raider is also from Fortnite’s first season, but this one has a little moxie. After achieving Level 20, players could purchase this outfit in the seasonal shop and were probably drawn to her post-apocalyptic look. Just as the Reaper resembles John Wick, Renegade Raider recalls another movie character: Tank Girl. Keep your eye out if Epic decides to make this available for late-comers to add to their wardrobes. Merry Marauder Merry Marauder and his frowny-faced gingerbread mask came with the Merry Christmas set. These skins were only available for a limited time, and while the Merry Marauder didn’t have the same fanatic following that the Halloween skins did, if you didn’t grab them at the time, you’ll never get to wear them — unless Epic brings them back in the future to spread some Christmas fear. Black Knight The Black Knight is the glowing-eyed scourge of the Wailing Woods that was released as a part of the Fort Knights set back in Season 2.

A just reward for those who achieved max level, players covet it for the reputation points it signifies. And despite the Red Knight’s later availability in the shop, those who worked hard to get the Black Knight skin still remain the only players who’ve earned the exclusive right to wear the armor of the darkest of the Fort Knights. The Galaxy Galaxy is probably the most literally expensive Fortnite skin, exclusive to owners of the $650 Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, or the $1,000 Galaxy Note 9 phone. The Galaxy skin was announced ahead of the Fortnite Android Beta and quickly became a fan-fave. Ragnarok Skin If you really want to be the Vi-king of Fortnite…you’ll probably have found some way to get the Ragnarok skin during season 5.

Only available to players skilled enough to kill their way up to Tier 100 that season, Ragnarok is the mark of a dedicated player and testament to how Epic Games’ likes to treat its best and most brutal Battle Royale players. Suffice it to say…it ragna-rocks. .

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