The Ultimate Building Guide (Fortnite How To Win Tips) PC, Xbox, PS4


Hey guys, I’m Berthen. And in this video I’m going to be covering the most important part of fortnite battle royale, which is building. If you want to get closer to winning every time, then you need to know how to build really well. You could have the best aim in the world while being bad at building and still get destroyed by someone who’s good at building and has only average aim. All the pro fights in fortnite usually have at least half the time being spent buildding, usually most of it is building. That’s why I made this super long guide to help you master fortnite. And because this is gonna be a long guide, since building is such a huge topic, I’ll provide time stamps to each section of this vidieo in case you want to come back or you’re just looking for certain things within the video.

To start off, I recommend rebinding your building keys to ones that’re better suited for you. I personally put my ramps and floors on my mouse buttons, while my q is just for walls, if I need pyramids, I scroll to it after pressing my wall button. I don’t play console, so I don’t know what I would say for console players. If you don’t have mouse buttons, then just rebind the building keys so they?re closer to your left hand or something like that, as long as they?re easier to reach for you than f1-4, then go for it. The sooner the better because it takes some time to get used to keybinds and the more you use a set of keybinds, the better you’ll be at them so do it sooner rather than later. To get materials you can get them off of your dead enemies, from looting or using your pickaxe to hit things that aren’t player made. Make sure you hit the blue circle that pops up after the first hit, that doubles the damage and materials you get.

The best source of materials is the big bright trees, they normally give around 50 wood, the ones in moisty mire are special and will give around 100 wood which makes moisty mire the best place to gather materials, so I reccommend going there and practicing gathering and building the things that you’ll be learning in this video. Next is pallets and the smaller trees in moisty mire, they all give around 6-11 wood per swing. The pallets can be found mostly in factories and a lot of places around the map. Stones give 3-6 bricks, cars give 2-4 metal.

Most experienced players will pretty much only farm for wood because the sources for it give much more than for bricks and metal plus wood is better to use during fights. You will usually get enough bricks and metals from your enemies for a big metal or brick base in the late game anyways. If you want proof of this, then look up the daequan vs ninja fight, they had tons of bricks and metal but they fought most of the fight using wood.This is because wood starts with the most health and gains health the fastest, which means that if you were to build a wall and shoot it right away, wood will take more bullets before breaking than both bricks and metal which is what matters the most since they likely won’t get to full health anyways during a fight.

Now let’s go over some of the edits that are actually useful to know because there are a lot of edits in fortnite but most of them are not used because they’re not very practical in battle royale. A lot of them were designed for the original fortnite game mode, save the world, which I’ll be using clips of to show examples in this video, since you get your own base where you can build as much as you want without the storm or other players shooting at you here. We have the door, which is two tiles up and down on the bottom of the wall, it can be built on any side you want. This is useful for going in and out of a base without leaving a giant hole open. If you don’t care about that though, then splitting the wall diagonally in half is a bit faster, because it’s just one extra tile, you can hold left click and mouse over it real fast with practice, and you don’t have to open the door to get out.

Next, you can make a window by clicking on any tile in the middle vertically. This is really good for sneak attacks because players expect you to peak at the top or to the side of walls, so if you practice enough, you can quickly make a window, get some shots off and then get to cover before the enemy can do anything to you. And the last thing for walls is you can click three boxes at the top and it’ll just disappear, giving you enough room to jump or walk through because sometimes half the wall will be on the ground, so you can’t get out through the door or the diagonal wall. That’s when you use this. For floors, it’s pretty simple, if you click on a tile, it’ll open up and curve towards the other tiles, this is useful when you’re directly above someone and you want to get a surprise shot on them.

This happens really often once you’re used to building a lot in fights. I rarely use the pyramid piece but two of them that can be ok to use is when you lift up three squares, it gives you a split up stair, so you can basically look in all directions, I don’t use this much because I like to be able to rotate my ramp and it just takes more effort overall to use, but it?s definitely not bad to do. The other one is lifting two squares next to each other up to make a ramp. This ramp will be built in an up and down pattern compared to the normal ramp which is left to right.

This can help you see the enemy a bit easier when they?re behind this ramp. I don?t think that?s really good enough reason to replace the normal ramp with it though. Something that might be worth it, is to edit a pyramid that you haven’t built yet, then turn it into a ramp and rotate it twice. This will make it so that whenever you use pyramids, you?ll get a backwards ramp until the next game or until you change it. This can be very useful if you want to slowly climb down something to avoid damage or whatever reason like you want to make a quick triangle. This editing a structure before you build it works for any structure by the way, I just don’t see this trick being usueful for any other edits. Tell me if you do, I’d be interested to know. A stair edit that I always use is the one to rotate it, you hold click the middle tile of one side, then drag it to the opposite side.

That’ll make the ramp face the direction you dragged it towards. This is great to reposition yourself in your base for a better position, or you just messed up the direction and need to redo it without destroying the ramp and making another one. The only other one that I use sometimes is when you hold click a corner and drag it to a corner next to it, this’ll create a small staircase which gives you a lot of room to move through in case you block yourself off in a room or wherever. If you want to see all the other edits you can do, then I made a quick little video showing them all, I’ll have it linked the description if you wanna check it out. Now let’s talk about bases. This is where we take off the training wheels and really get into it, so buckle up. If you want to win late game, then you need to know how to build a solid base, I mean unless you?re Ninja and can 1 v 3 in the last circle, then do your thing. But this is something that a lot of new players mess up because a lot of things can go wrong very easily.

In solos, the most common and effective base would be the 1 by 1 going up 3 or sometimes 4 floors. You shouldn’t cheap out either and have floors one and two be missing a couple walls. If you do that then when the few pieces holding the top floors up is shot down, every building piece above that will crumble down as well. That’s why every level of your base should have all four walls and a ramp. Shooting all 5 pieces down is not easy especially if it’s metal which I highly reccommend for the bottom floor. It’s ok if your top floors are just wood or bricks because the thing you want to avoid is falling down more than 3 levels. 20 at 4th floor 49 at 5th and 99 and 6th Rewrite the part with the falling damages And by level I just mean 1 wall high. After falling for more than 3 levels straight, you’ll take fall damage. The damage isn’t like 10 damage per level either, I tested it out and at 4 levels, you’ll lose about 20 health, at 5, you lose about 50 health and and at 6, you lose about 100 health so it’s important to make sure you don’t take more than 4 levels of fall damage.

If you want to build a base taller than 3 levels, make sure your bottom floors are sturdy, if your bottom two levels is metal, then you can go 6 floors up, it’ll take the enemy a long time to shoot it down so you can always leave before that happens. If they shoot down your third floor that?s not made out of metal, then it’s fine, you’ll land on your second floor and take little damage and you can just rebuild, which is why it’s fine if they’re not metal all the way up.

It’s usually hard to have a lot of metal, so only do that if you think you’ll be in the base for a long time and have the resources. If you don’t have much metal, you could also make your first two floors be 2 by 1s, that’ll make it just about as hard to shoot down. Then your top floors can just be 1 by 1 bricks or wood since those are easier to mine than metals. If you’re playing duos or squads, then it’s a lot simpler since you get more materials, just build a 2 by 2 all the way up. It’ll be hard to take down and also easier to defend. 1 by 1s is what you see most in solos because it’s a lot easier to defend by yourself when you can quickly look all around you, if you build a wide base, people can flank you very easily without you noticing.

And for the top, most people including me just use a 1 by 1 with a ramp in the middle instead of any fancy set ups with a ton of edits. If someone shoots one of your walls, it’s very easy to rebuild it by holding down left click in build mode. If you need to look in another direction that your ramp isn’t facing, just edit your ramp to rotate. There’s one other roof style that I think is ok, it’s having a bunch of pyramid pieces on top. This gives you a bit more protection from all sides for when you’re fighting someone but it makes it a lot easier for enemies to sneak up on you from below compared to a 1 by I know from personal experience that I’ve been able to run under these pyramids while the enemy is looking in a different direction and then bulding ramps up without them noticing because they couldn’t look directly down.

Overall, having a simple 1 by 1 followed by ramps or 2 by 2 with ramps in duos or squads is the simplest and most solid way to have the top be. It’ll let you see all around you without exposing yourself, give you easy peeks and let you rebuild quickly when shot at. I don’t want to go into too much details about how to use the base since this video is a building guide but here are some quick tips to best use your base. Don’t expose yourself until you see enemies, to look around, you just need to crouch, hug a wall, and then use third person view to see around you, you can even see the bottom of your base doing this.

To look at the side your ramp isn’t racing, you can rotate your ramp or even better, go into edit mode on the wall and click on a couple tiles to see through it. It’ll still give you full cover, once you’re done, just switch to your weapon and the wall will go back to normal. In a fight, you can see through cracks in a wooden wall to pre-aim, this works best with the bolt action. Crouch, pre-aim, stand up, shoot, crouch again, you barely show yourself and you get off a deadly shot off in less than half a second. You can also hit a brick wall twice to make the top see through and do the same.

The see through part will let the enemy see you as well but it’ll still protect you. And if you ever left your base and need to get back up to it, most people will build ramps up to it but this lets others people sneak up a bit easier on you, so instead you can edit your way up. To do this, you can edit a door or diagonal wall, re-edit it to put it to default by right clicking on pc, I don’t know what the button is on console, but if there’s a button to reset the edit, then use that to quickly turn it back. Then go up the first ramp, edit the second ramp to start right below you, jump on top of it after you confirm the edit and just repeat a couple times and you’ll quickly be at the top without creating another entrance for your enemies to sneak up on you from.

Now, the opposite of this would be using ramps to invade the enemy’s base. The most common and easy way to do this is to build two ramps side by side and then keep stacking on top of them until you’re above the enemy or can jump onto their base. Normally, it’s best to just stay above them to keep the height advantage and just shoot down on them, but some players, like myself, would continue to shoot down your bottom ramps until the whole thing breaks, so for those players, you have to jump on to their base before your ramps collapse. This is much riskier because you’ll be on the same playing field so it can turn bad really fast. If you want to win battle royale, the last thing you want to do is to force a bunch of equal fights since you only have one life per game. A sureway to get above the enemy in a base without your ramps being shot down would be to use double ramps and double walls behind those ramps and keep going up with the same pattern.

If the enemy wants to shoot it down, they basically have to shoot down the entire first floor of a 1 by 1 base which takes way too long. Most people won’t be able to respond to this very well and either fight from below or just run away and let you shoot them from above, you can just keep chasing them from above using floors and jumping on top of their abandoned base. This is pretty overkill though, I like to use single ramps into wall and repeat the best because it doesn’t take too much materials and most people will stop shooting the bottom ramp after seeing two wallls blocking it.

If they do keep going, you can rebuild the second wall until they have to reload. You won’t have to do that 90% of the time though since they’ll stop and just run or try to fight you from below. Now if the enemy was an experienced player, then they’ll be able to react by building up higher and then you get into a really big building fight of whoever can build higher and get some shots off. But that’s a whole different beast that I’ll have to cover in another video. Now I’m going to be giving you some random but important tips and tricks involving building that I couldn’t really fit into any of the big topics.

Forgot to add this in, add it in When building ramps behind walls a little bit above you where you have to jump to be over it, jump while looking straight ahead before you build the ramp. I used to mess this up a lot because I would look upwards at the wall I wanted the ramp to build into, and accidently build the ramp on top of the wall instead of against the wall because when I jump, the aim shifts from the wall into the top of the wall. So just look straight ahead will make you build the ramp into the wall and not on top of it. If you need to jump off a high place like your base or a mountain, build a wall or ramp after falling for 2 to 3 levels, so you don’t take the falling damage.

If the enemy is too far to ramp push and they keep shooting down your walls, then build multiple walls, a structure is easiest to shoot down when it’s first created but the enemy can’t shoot two walls at the same time, unless it’s a rocket launcher but those are slow and easier to react to. So when you have two walls, one of them will keep building up and you can rebuild the other until both walls are good and strong. Then you can turn that into a bigger base to fight with.

You can also be sneaky and build those two walls to keep the enemy shooting longer so you can peak them to the sides and get some shots in or even better, a bolt action to the face, if you miss, you an always build more walls. If you’re feeling really confident because you got the enemy low or you’re just the god of fortnite then you can run towards an enemy that’s far away while building two stairs on top of each other to block bullets, and then move to the side,and build stairs on the ground and fall towards it to have that cover you, repeat this until you’re close enough to build up above the enemy to engage.

When you’re building defensively after getting shot, it’s good to practice looking straight down because if you’re too close to the nearest wall you can build and looking straight foward, then it’ll build farther than you want which leaves a lot of openings if the enemy isn’t directly behind that wall. If you’re looking straight down, then as long as you’re still behind the closest wall you can build, then it will build there instead of farther away. Same with ramps, if you look forward then the ramp will either build behind a wall or it’ll build outside of where you’re standing on. So if you want the rampto be below you, then look straight down and also jump so you’re not stuck under it.

You can build two ramps above and below you as long as the top ramp is connected to something like another person’s base or a mountain side, this is really good when you’re trying to invade a base but you’re right below them so building normal ramps upwards lets them shoot you, build a ramp above and below you and you can climb up safely. Once you’re high enough, just build a 1 by 1 and go from there. And for the last tip, outside of a place of interest that has a lot of buiildings with quick cover and all that. You should almost always build before you shoot, at least if you’re less experienced, there’re situations where you want to shoot as soon as possible, but newer players usually shoot, then the enemy builds up and the new player gets really panicky and just runs towards a player that’s getting ready to jump shotgun while usisng their cover over and over again. So get used to building before you even shoot the enemy, so if they turn around, you have cover thats fully built and you can think about how to win the fight instead of panick running in the open getting ready to be shot at.

And that, fortnite gamers, is everything you need to know about building in this game. There’s a lot more advanced techniques that I can talk about, but they’ll have to wait for future videos otherwise this video would be way too long. So make sure you hit like and subscribe for more content. Thanks for watching and good luck with building..