The ULTIMATE Controller Comparison Guide: WHICH is The BEST for fortnite?


Fortnight has continued to grow into one of the biggest games in the world. The most popular way to play for a night is on controller, with the majority of player base being on console or controller on PC. That’S why it’s so important to know how to make the most when on controller, in order to be able to compete against pros and other advanced opponents who may be on keyboard and mouse. This is because keyboard and mouse tends to have an advantage because of all the different keys and ways that you can use it. You know they’re able to aim with the mouse which allows you to be more accurate, but does this really leave controller players at a disadvantage hmmm, or is there a way to even the battlefield and balance the inequalities between these two platforms? I guess we’re gon na see. What’S going on guys, it’s the motivation, guy, that’s right, your friend, the one and only Keith Allen. You know I’m gon na be honest with you guys. I’Ve been going through. It’S been frustrated.

You know it’s been a lot of stuff happening, but you know what I have to continue to believe that this is temporary and my future is bright, and I want to encourage you to do the same. You know things may be falling apart in your life. It may seem, like things are not really going your way, but I want you to know that, at the end of the day that this is temporary and you’re going to make it there’s going to be a better day and that day is going to be tomorrow. So keep your head up guys! We got a great year ahead of us, make sure to connect with me on my Instagram. I would love to hear from you if you guys are looking to get better at for tonight. Click the link below to go to pro guides comm, where you can play with the best players in the world, sign up for our membership. App Pro guides and you’re gon na get a ton of incredible content from the best pro players like Benji and mongrel.

So if you want to compete in fortnight, you got to check out pro guys, calm and be sure to drop a like on this video to show your support, because we really really would appreciate it so in this video today, we’re gon na be looking at scuf Elite FPS, Dominator, beaver and normal controllers to see which one is truly the best for players who prefer to play on controllers. Maybe that’s you. You may not have heard of some of these controllers, which is all good, not mad at you. For that. That’S why you on this channel, so we recommend you guys watch all the way through yeah, I’m not talking about like for the first two minutes, I’m talking about watching the whole video.

What’S your guy, what’s your boy, Keith Allen come on now and you’re gon na learn how to use them. Okay and you’re gon na know, which one is the best all right, guys it’s time to sit back, relax and get my favorite candy. It is so so good just had it the other day. It’S that bunch of crunch. Have you had it? Have you tried it out yet? What are you waiting for? You need to get it. It is so good all right. Let’S do this all right. So, to begin, we’re gon na be talking about the battle. Beaver controller, this controller, my friends, is definitely an underrated one. So, let’s just get into it all right. What does it do and why you might want to consider buying it? What really separates the battle?

Beaver is the different body styles. It offers right not only that, but they also have some features at the Xbox elite. Controller is known for, but for a cheaper price tag, which is amazing, so we’re gon na be getting into the elite later into the video. So be sure to stick around for that all right, so the beaver offers multiple different variations that you can build when you’re checking out your controller, possibly one of its most interesting features is being able to select exactly the amount of back buttons you want. These are basically paddles but they’re built into your controller, meaning that they’re small and they fit very ergonomically. If you only decide to only install a fraction of the six that you can, you can position each button to your liking. You can also make the buttons programmable or static. The fact that you can select up to six paddles makes the beaver the controller with the most buttons options available. This could be great if you want to bind many different features to one button.

You can also make the back buttons quite or standard, meaning that the sound levels, every click – will vary. What the option you choose. So the beaver controller also offers tension, sticks which essentially offer more tension and pull on the analog sticks. This is something that many pros like on controllers, as they can allow for more tighter and accurate, aiming you can also customize vibration settings to get the controller built with or without rumbles two other really cool features is being able to add built-in trigger stops and bumper Triggers which allow you to have faster trigger reaction with less of a depress. This controller also features athletic enhancements that you can have installed, such as different body styles and colors, all right. So next up we have the well-known elite controller. Alright, so the elite is known to be one of the best controllers of all time, it’s developed and produced by Microsoft themselves and continues to become more advanced with time for this video we’re gon na be looking at the Xbox elite series.

This controller features some of the most advanced engineering and is definitely one of the most awkward ones on the list. When we say accurate, we’re talking about how well the analog sticks and buttons work. So a lot of times, you’re gon na, find that your controller will degrade over time. Yes, that’s just life, or even that is just not built well, whether the parts feel cheap or the controller feels flimsy, there’s. Definitely some ones out there that aren’t the best. Ok when it comes to the elite, however, this controller is built with some of the best materials and made to last. The controller comes with the very long warranty of one year, which is amazing and is well known for never breaking.

Besides his durability, the analog sticks are made in a way where you can change the tension, adjust them to your game. For example, if you’re playing for tonight, you’re gon na want to increase the tension since it’s a shooter, but if you were to be playing like a racing game, you’d want to use lighter tension. This is similar to the beaver controller, but the elite has better. Quality sticks in our opinion. Next up, the elite has excellent paddles that are now smaller. In the new controller, these paddles can be removed and put on to your preference. The paddles come in four and can be adjusted because of the size reduction in the elite. Two paddles they’re just much more ergonomic and fit better.

If you don’t know, organ avec is just look it up. The elite also features different profiles for different games, which is great. If you play multiple games, it even has interchangeable. Thumb sticks which can all be used for different games and reasons alright. So finally, the elite has trigger stops and textured grips on the handles of the controller. The textured grips are new in the elite series too, and the trigger stops now feature three levels. Instead of just two allowing for more variation and uses alright, so for this next section we’re gon na be talking about the standard, Xbox and ps4 controllers. These two are similar in a way but different as well. Alright, so the Xbox and ps4 controller both feature two bumpers, two triggers two analog sticks: four buttons on the right side, a d-pad on the left and two analog sticks. The main differences between the two are the shape of the controller, the positioning of the left, analog and d-pad, and the menu button. The PS Ford menu button is very large and spans across the front face of the controller. Many pros tend to use this button for editing as it’s very easy for claw players to press the button, since it’s so big Xbox players.

However, don’t have this button and instead tend to use the left, analog, stick, click or Y to edit. This could be seen as one downside of the Xbox controller when being compared to the ps4. You know, but one major difference. One major difference that gives the Xbox controller and advantage is its ergonomic shape that tends to feel better and work better. Overall, the Xbox controller has a much more natural feel and it’s built in a more easy to hold shape. The standard controllers both feature wireless and wired charging, so we suggest you use wired, as this is going to allow for less delay when playing the standard controller. Also tends to break down like much more than the other controllers on the list so due to their material being much more cheaper than the more expensive options. Next up, we have something a bit more different, instead of just looking at a different type of a controller.

We’Re gon na be looking at the collective mind strike pack. The FPS Dominator is an add-on that you can attach to both standard controllers, they’re made by a company known as collective minds, and they do a lot more than any other controller. These add-ons are in the form of paddles and can be attached to your controller to add an extra set of paddles, but that’s not all folks. When you attach the strike pack, you can do many many different things that no other controller can do. Here’S a full list of features that add-on has ok, optimized, rapid-fire, fully adjustable rapid-fire adjustable, burst fire pulse fire adjustable anti recoil, adjustable, quick scope, auto run, drop, shot, reload and slide easy double jump.

Adjustable button, turbo 2.0, auto hold breath, battlefield, auto spot rumble, control, hair triggers and motion control, reload all built in and ready when you need them. That was a lot. These features are modifications that come built into the strike pack and can be activated and used on command they’re each useful for different games, and, since you so there’s definitely a wide variety of uses, not to mention the added paddles are going to allow for easier gaming And more button variations, but if you don’t like the modifications, you can always turn them off and just use the paddles. You know. Another cool thing is that there is no delay with the strike pack, which is a must, if you’re playing competitively last, but definitely not least, we have the scuf controller. Alright, so stuff is a well-known brand that makes customizable controllers with lots of features and add-ons that are personalized for your game and for your place. Now, when going into the scuffle website, you’re gon na be able to choose from a variety of controllers that are made distinctly for whatever platform you’re playing on alright there’s controllers for ps4, Xbox and PC.

Some of the cool features that all the controllers have are trigger stops. Interchangeable, analog sticks, textured grips for removable, paddles and ergonomic support discovers well known for his grips and how they’re adapted for Organ AMA cues. The grips included provide comfort and performance that are unique to scuff, although very similar to the elite. This cup actually has multiple parent and differences that the elite itself just does not have. This makes it two very, very different when it comes to competitive and higher level play. That’S. Why guys? It’S important that we give you guys the best controller for improvement in for tonight. Alright, now that we’ve gone over all the controllers and what makes them unique, we’re gon na go over, which one is truly the best you guys ready come on now. The beaver controller provides many different buttons in a way that no controller does, but economically, it’s not exactly the best. At the same time, it’s also very expensive, which I know a lot of people out.

There are broke and can become even more expensive. As you add, more features on it, while you’re customizing, the standard controllers, are decent but they’re. Nowhere near as good as the other controllers on this list, however, they can be modified with the strike pack. The problem with the strike pack is that it doesn’t have features like trigger stops and others that the more expensive controllers have, plus the modifications can be pretty problematic, alright, especially at times with tournaments and official matches, alright. So, finally, we have the scuff and elite. These are our top two and it’s definitely a tough decision, but in the end we believe that the elite controller is the best controller in the entire world, is high quality engineering and advanced technology sets it apart from all the other controllers on this list, it’s made With great materials – and it has tons of features and just works, excellent man when it comes to accurate and professional level gameplay, the problem is – is that the elite can’t be used on ps4 womp-womp-womp, sorry about that. So if you’re one of these players, your best bet is going to be or runner up the scuff.

This cut, provides great handling and has great grips and overall builds making it very close to the elite, but the elite as dominant in the end. So we hope that we were able to give you guys a nice idea of what these controllers are like, and you know how you could just make the most out of each in the end. You know it does depend a lot on your playstyle, for example, if you’re a player that likes to have multitude of buttons on their controller, then the beaver could be better than elite, for you so be sure to see which one truly is better for you guys And let us know which one you like the most in the comments below alright guys hope you enjoyed this video once again. It’S the motivation, guy, that’s right! The one and only Keith Allen, hey man, keep your head up! Remember that keep going keep striving, never give up. Never surrender connect with me as soon as you can.

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