Throw Fruit at Hunter’s Haven – Fortnite Challenge Guide


Hey everyone, it’s kanga here and this shouldbe showing you how to complete the challengeof throwing fruit at a hunter’s haven. Now, if youweren’t already aware entertainment can be foundhere on the map just out of the zero point, andwhile throwing fruit itself is pretty easy to doyou’ve, probably done it before. What you mightnot know is where you can actually find fruitwithin hunter’s haven so rather than having tofind fruit from somewhere else and then bringit into hunter’s haven. Instead i’ll be showingyou different locations where you can find fruitwithin hunter saving. So the first one you want tocome to this box or sorry this house up here thati’m on here, then, if you just drop through one ofthese holes on the side, come to the kitchen.

Andyou’Ll have this anomalous box right here now, if iopen this one up, i’m going to get bananas and cornso, then if i just throw the bananas like so andthe corn, like so that’ll, give me progress, towardsthat challenge now, depending on how lucky you getwith these, you might Get four fruits you might getno fruits now in splitting, you want to just cometo the main door here then, on the left, you’ll, findanother, numbs box and again you just want to breakit open, get your fruit and then you can just throwit doesn’t have to be far. You can just throw itstraight at your feet and that’ll still counttowards the challenge. Now you can usually finda third noms box right here. As you can see, wherethese pepper and corn came from there’s normally achair right here with a noms box on top of it butas. I was fighting the i o guards it despawned orbroke, so you can find a third noms box right thereagain.

You just pick up your fruit and thenthrow it. I think that sounds like completingthe challenge, even though they’re not outyet, i’m not too sure, but anyway our fourthand final fruit box can be found in thishouse. Here the northwest house on the lakeand, then again you just get your fruit and thenthrow them. That’S aldridge for this challengeif. You have any more questions about this oranything else.

Really it’s a fortnight feelfree to comment that down below i’ll. Do my bestto get back to you on that? If you found thisvideo useful at all, make sure to leave a likesubscribe comment share. All those things helpme out massively, if you want to support me as acreator, that’s going to be called kanga and thephone adam shot. Otherwise, though, that’s it forme for now and i’ll see you all next time see ya.

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